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Legend: - denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
Sherrill  Climbing Gear Purchase Vi Oct-31-2012 $1,341.94
Sherrill  Climbing and RIgging Gear Feb-28-2013 $1,177.90
Mac Equipment Inc  Supplies Purchase Viewed Sep-28-2012 $742.39
Downtown Business Associa  DBA Gift Cards Milestone Apr-30-2013 $675.00
Sherrill  Climbing Gear and Snow Bl Nov-30-2012 $518.59
[P.O. # 1300954]
Danger Signs Jan-24-2013 $448.05
[P.O. # 1301937]
Supplies Feb-27-2013 $352.81
Bath Power Equipment  Saw Parts Purchase Viewed Oct-31-2012 $322.12
[P.O. # 1210862]
Baskets Nov-14-2012 $318.73
Poudre Valley Coop  Water Pump Apr-30-2013 $312.50
Poudre Valley Coop  Water Pump Apr-30-2013 $312.50
Proactive Network Manage  Purchase Proactive Networ Jan-31-2013 $294.62
Downtown Business Associa  gift cards Dec-28-2012 $286.00
Sherrill  hitch Mar-28-2013 $275.00
[P.O. # 1301200]
Concrete Blocks Feb-01-2013 $240.00
Vermeer Sales & Svcs Of C  Teeth Purchase Viewed and Feb-28-2013 $236.23
Tree Stuff.Com  Tree Climbing Boots Purch Feb-28-2013 $229.95
[P.O. # 1210942]
No Co Truck Reimbursement Nov-15-2012 $225.00
Jax Ranch & Home  Gloves Dec-28-2012 $214.87
Gilsdorf Canvas & Awning  Flags Dec-28-2012 $200.00
Mac Equipment Inc  Chain Saw Parts Mar-28-2013 $193.35
Precision Knife & Tool  Knives Purchase Viewed an Oct-31-2012 $184.00
Intl Soc Arboriculture  Membership Renewal Jan-31-2013 $182.00
Ex *arborwear 1267947  Clothing Mar-28-2013 $175.18
Mac Equipment Inc  Supplies Purchase Viewed Sep-28-2012 $172.84
Jax Outdoor Gear  Clothing Purchase Viewed Feb-28-2013 $169.99
Ex *arborwear 1228859  Clothing Purchase Viewed Feb-28-2013 $168.53
Hageman Earth Cycle In  Veg. Supplies Purchase Vi Aug-31-2012 $168.00
Poudre Valley 07064736  Gate and Wheel Purchase Nov-30-2012 $166.15
Jax Ranch & Home  Work Clothes Purchase Vie Feb-28-2013 $153.68
Downtown Business Associa  Purchase Downtown Busines Apr-30-2013 $153.00
Jax Outdoor Gear  Clothes Purchase Viewed a Oct-31-2012 $148.86
Precision Knife & Tool  Chipper Knives Purchase V Feb-28-2013 $141.50
Jax Ranch & Home  Chain Saw Parts Purchase Feb-28-2013 $135.77
The Home Depot #1544  Supplies Purchase Viewed Aug-31-2012 $132.88
Sherrill  Supplies Dec-28-2012 $129.95
The Home Depot 1512  Purchase The Home Depot 1 Sep-28-2012 $126.42
Ex *arborwear 1238853  Clothing Purchase Viewed Feb-28-2013 $103.23
Sierra Trading Post  Clothing Mar-28-2013 $102.91
Wm Supercenter#2729  food supplies Jan-31-2013 $100.00
Kohls #0430  Clothing Purchase Viewed Aug-31-2012 $99.96
Apparel Imaging Specialt  Logos Purchase Viewed and Feb-28-2013 $86.00
Sierra Trading Post Com  Clothing Purchase Viewed Feb-28-2013 $84.81
Apparel Imaging Specialt  Clothing Purchase Viewed Aug-31-2012 $83.72
Jax Outdoor Gear  boots for ben Purchase Vi Aug-31-2012 $80.00
Workwear Incorporated  Work Clothes Purchase Vie Feb-28-2013 $79.96
Cps Distributors #13  Irrigation repair @ DSC P Aug-31-2012 $78.49
Mac Equipment Inc  Supplies Purchase Viewed Sep-28-2012 $78.33
Jax Outdoor Gear  Clothing Purchase Viewed Aug-31-2012 $73.98
Office Depot #168  Office Supplies Mar-28-2013 $67.96
Total (of all records): $ 14,466.86