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Legend: - denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
Conserve A Watt- Denve  lilght bulbs Sep-30-2013 $766.56
Downtown Ace Hardware  wire for sensor Sep-30-2013 $27.79
Ww Grainger  light bulbs Sep-30-2013 $31.26
Downtown Ace Hardware  outlet cover Sep-30-2013 $26.48
Crescent Electric 126  electrical covers Purchas Aug-30-2013 $93.92
Crescent Electric 126  lamp repair Purchase View Aug-30-2013 $224.71
Conserve A Watt- Denve  light bulbs Jul-31-2013 $574.92
Conserve A Watt- Denve  light bulbs Purchase View Jun-28-2013 $140.40
Mountain States Electrncs  fuses for pumps Purchase Jun-28-2013 $7.00
Discount Audio Inc  Equipment Rental Purchas Jun-28-2013 $28.00
Josephs Hardware  batteries Purchase Viewed Jun-28-2013 $52.16
Ww Grainger  light bulbs Purchase View Jun-28-2013 $2.24
Wesco - # 6673  light switches May-31-2013 $103.56
Downtown Ace Hardware  conduit parts (clock) May-31-2013 $11.66
The Light Center  downtown lights May-31-2013 $348.72
Josephs Hardware  electrical parts May-31-2013 $4.49
Crescent Electric 126  light bulbs Apr-30-2013 $15.24
Crescent Electric 126  fountain lights Apr-30-2013 $19.36
The Home Depot 1512  parts for pond equip Mar-28-2013 $51.58
Downtown Ace Hardware  outlet covers Mar-28-2013 $11.16
Amsan #420  bath tissue, trash bags & Mar-28-2013 $87.00
Downtown Ace Hardware  electric supplies for Gra Mar-28-2013 $11.28
Downtown Ace Hardware  light bulbs Mar-28-2013 $14.99
Downtown Ace Hardware  Credit Voucher Downtown A Mar-28-2013 $-5.00
Crescent Electric 126  lamp Mar-28-2013 $14.52
Total (of all records): $ 2,664.00