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Departments Parks Other Vehicle & Equip Supplies
Note: denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
DOWNTOWN ACE HDWE oil and nozzles for hotsy Jul-31-2017 $25.17
INTERSTATE BATTERY Battery for sprayer Jul-31-2017 $88.64
AUTOZONE #0821 supplies/parts 24082 Jul-31-2017 $51.95
DOWNTOWN ACE HDWE oil and parts for hotsy c Jul-31-2017 $14.17
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 replacement hose for hots Jul-31-2017 $29.97
NAPA PARTS 0030920 vehicle supplies Jun-30-2017 $59.94
DOWNTOWN ACE HDWE Rope Clamp Dump Truck Tar May-31-2017 $3.79
THE HOME DEPOT #1512 tape measure for truck 24 May-31-2017 $8.47
MAWSON LUMBER & HARDWARE 4 2x4, railing for hotsy Apr-28-2017 $15.06
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 Hoses for mini power wash Apr-28-2017 $34.60
DOWNTOWN ACE HDWE PVC insert for power wash Apr-28-2017 $10.62
SAFEWAY STORE00015529 Distilled Water for Batte Mar-31-2017 $8.00
CLAY'S ACE HARDWARE Distilled Water for Batte Mar-31-2017 $7.96
AUTOZONE #0821 mirror adhesave Mar-31-2017 $11.30
1025 LOT 162 conference parking Mar-31-2017 $8.00
TRACTOR SUPPLY CO #1940 Diesel Antifreeze and Fre Feb-28-2017 $50.97
MAXEY TRUCK EQUIPMENT Steps for 24098 Jan-30-2017 $144.93
METAL DISTRIBUTORS Metal to build supports f Jan-30-2017 $18.70
ADVANCE AUTO PARTS #5243 wiper blades for plow tru Jan-30-2017 $47.98
MAXEY TRUCK EQUIPMENT Tommy Gate for 34103 Dec-29-2016 $2,850.00
JAX OUTDOOR GEAR split: winter clothing an Dec-29-2016 $297.50
OREILLY AUTO 00031625 JD bulb/Oil/Window Sealan Dec-29-2016 $18.10
JOSEPH'S HARDWARE Windshield Tarp Bungee Co Dec-29-2016 $76.25
MAC EQUIPMENT INC (LOV Sharpening Nov-30-2016 $11.00
OREILLY AUTO 00027250 Equipment Repair Parts-Sp Nov-30-2016 $14.94
THE HOME DEPOT #1512 Materials for leaf catche Nov-30-2016 $300.13
OREILLY AUTO 00031625 floor repair/34024 - tool Nov-30-2016 $44.35
KING SOOPERS #0099 bags for spill kits Oct-28-2016 $14.95
ADVANCE AUTO PARTS #8177 Weather strip Adhesive fo Oct-28-2016 $12.99
[P.O. # 9162740]
Trailer Oct-07-2016 $3,775.00
[P.O. # 9162740]
electric brakes Oct-07-2016 $260.00
DOWNTOWN ACE HDWE keys Sep-30-2016 $2.99
MAXEY TRAILER SALES ball hitch Sep-30-2016 $48.64
THE WELDING AND FAB SH welding section part for Aug-29-2016 $25.00
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 Weather stripping for Gra Aug-29-2016 $11.54
DAN'S SMALL ENGINE new starter for walker Aug-29-2016 $254.25
JAX RANCH & HOME Straps for tying down pai Aug-29-2016 $50.97
CLAY'S ACE HARDWARE Distilled water for batte Jul-31-2016 $9.16
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 supports for water truck Jul-31-2016 $18.36
E 470 EXPRESS TOLLS Tolls Jun-30-2016 $18.70
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 Purchase THE HOME DEPOT # Jun-30-2016 $68.57
E 470 EXPRESS TOLLS Tolls Jun-30-2016 $6.98
[P.O. # 1605345]
Memorial Bench Jun-07-2016 $300.00
JAX RANCH & HOME Gas cap for painter, tow May-31-2016 $42.47
AUTOZONE #0836 carb cleaner May-31-2016 $25.44
ADVANCE AUTO PARTS #5243 Jack stands May-31-2016 $54.99
THE HOME DEPOT 1512 Ratchet straps May-31-2016 $79.92
FAIRBANK EQUIPMENT sprayer parts May-31-2016 $823.26
RHINNIES SMALL ENGINE Charger for electric cart Apr-29-2016 $622.23
METAL DISTRIBUTORS stands for equipment Apr-29-2016 $6.20
METAL DISTRIBUTORS stands for equipment Apr-29-2016 $10.46
JAX RANCH & HOME tow ropes 24096/24104 Apr-29-2016 $83.96
MAXEY TRUCK EQUIPMENT hitches 24096/24104 Apr-29-2016 $190.13
[P.O. # 1603587]
Memorial Bench Apr-19-2016 $500.00
[P.O. # 1603588]
Memorial Bench Apr-19-2016 $200.00
L.L. JOHNSON DIST Brushes for our turf groo Mar-31-2016 $453.23
4 RIVERS EQUIPMENT LLC snow plow parts Mar-31-2016 $38.28
RHINNIES SMALL ENGINE Carts from Southridge rep Mar-31-2016 $695.80
L.L. JOHNSON DIST New Bedknives for greens Mar-31-2016 $508.12
METAL DISTRIBUTORS chain boxes Feb-29-2016 $384.39
CLAY'S ACE HARDWARE Shop supplies Jan-28-2016 $55.33
DXPE - PRECISION material for hood on plow Jan-28-2016 $54.00
METAL DISTRIBUTORS metal for plow hood on 24 Jan-28-2016 $12.70
CLAY'S ACE HARDWARE wax Jan-28-2016 $30.97
THE HOME DEPOT 1512 kerosene Jan-28-2016 $43.97
BATH POWER EQUIPMENT Fuel line for tamper Jan-28-2016 $39.50
FASTENAL COMPANY01 Truck bed pins Jan-28-2016 $20.88
E 470 EXPRESS TOLLS Tolls Dec-29-2015 $6.90
CARQUEST 3901 Battery terminal Dec-29-2015 $3.86
E 470 EXPRESS TOLLS Tolls Dec-29-2015 $3.45
MAXEY TRUCK EQUIPMENT pintle hitch Nov-30-2015 $154.59
HARBOR FREIGHT TOOLS 62 Purchase battery cables f Nov-30-2015 $39.96
MAXEY TRUCK EQUIPMENT Trailer adapters Oct-30-2015 $27.16
TENNANT CO gree machine brushes Oct-30-2015 $1,008.00
INTERSTATE ALL BATTERY Battery charger packs Oct-30-2015 $71.40
MASEK GOLF CARS OF COLORA golf cart parts Oct-30-2015 $209.12
MAXEY TRUCK EQUIPMENT Adapters Oct-30-2015 $53.26
Total (of all records): $ 15,720.81