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Legend: - denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
Botr Llc Windsor  mower attachment Purchase Jul-31-2012 $4,393.68
Trafx Research Ltd  Trail counters Purchase V Jun-29-2012 $2,310.00
[P.O. # 1302042]
559770 Feb-28-2013 $2,285.25
Best Rental Inc  Little wonder vaccuum Pur Apr-30-2012 $1,672.00
L.L. Johnson Dist  Ball Washer Flags Purchas Apr-30-2012 $1,628.30
Tank Equipment, Inc  fertigation tanks Purchas May-31-2012 $1,320.00
Jax Ranch & Home  back pack blower Purchase Nov-30-2012 $1,000.00
Walls Enterprises #0001  blade grinder Purchase Vi Feb-28-2013 $997.20
Dan`s Small Engine  Hitch Purchase Viewed and Nov-30-2012 $952.00
Walls Enterprises #0001  tools Purchase Viewed and Jul-31-2012 $920.25
Jax Ranch & Home  back pack blowers Purchas Nov-30-2012 $902.04
Zep Sales And Service  Parts Cleaner Purchase Vi May-31-2012 $863.88
Winfield Solutions  spreaders Purchase Viewed Aug-31-2012 $860.00
Colorado Machinery  Machinery parts Purchase May-31-2012 $797.25
Johnnys Selected Seed  Row Seeder Jan-31-2013 $633.00
Jax Ranch & Home  rock rake Purchase Viewed Oct-31-2012 $599.99
Jax Ranch & Home  Tools Purchase Viewed and May-31-2012 $539.40
Am Leonard  Tools and Supplies Purcha Oct-31-2012 $516.65
Mantis  Tiller Dec-28-2012 $499.00
Jax Ranch & Home  Blower batteries Purchase May-31-2012 $485.78
[P.O. # 1207658]
01-2792 Aug-08-2012 $467.86
Jax Ranch & Home  back pack blower Purchase Jul-31-2012 $454.44
Prestige Flag  Purchase Prestige Flag Mar-28-2013 $439.62
Jax Ranch & Home  elctric blower & charger Nov-30-2012 $389.96
The Home Depot 1512  Tools for volunteers Purc May-31-2012 $382.70
R & R Products Inc  Rakes Purchase Viewed and Apr-30-2012 $381.10
L.L. Johnson Dist  Cups Purchase Viewed and Jul-31-2012 $372.67
L.L. Johnson Dist  tires Purchase Viewed and Jun-29-2012 $347.66
[P.O. # 1205808]
38910 Jun-19-2012 $345.56
The Home Depot #1544  tools for Grandview Purch Apr-30-2012 $345.07
Harbor Freight Tools 62  tools Purchase Viewed and Jun-29-2012 $340.29
Cps Distributors #13  snow shovels Purchase Vie Feb-28-2013 $321.20
Jax Ranch & Home  water pump Purchase Viewe Jul-31-2012 $319.95
L.L. Johnson Dist  Sprayer Repair Purchase V Oct-31-2012 $319.39
L.L. Johnson Dist  green cups Purchase Viewe May-31-2012 $308.54
Prestige Flag  flags Purchase Viewed and May-31-2012 $274.26
R & R Products Inc  Water Coolers Purchase Vi Apr-30-2012 $256.50
Best Rental Inc  Tools and Related Supplie Apr-30-2012 $247.92
Diamond Vogel Paint #745  painter parts Purchase Vi Jul-31-2012 $241.50
The Home Depot #1544  head phones and shop supp Jun-29-2012 $241.29
Jax Ranch & Home  tools & supplies Purchase Aug-31-2012 $231.01
R & R Products Inc  tee towels Purchase Viewe Jun-29-2012 $214.53
Radiodetection Corporatio  tool repair Purchase View Jul-31-2012 $205.50
The Home Depot #1544  fireworks dock Purchase V Jul-31-2012 $205.14
The Home Depot #1544  Tools Purchase Viewed and Apr-30-2012 $203.97
Masek Golf Cars Of Colora  Palm Pilot, Trans Purchas Jul-31-2012 $200.00
The Home Depot #1544  Supplies Purchase Viewed Jun-29-2012 $199.00
Harbor Freight Tools 62  tools for Grandview Purch Jul-31-2012 $198.89
The Home Depot #1544  tools Mar-28-2013 $197.73
Office Max  Tools Purchase Viewed and Apr-30-2012 $194.03
Total (of all records): $ 49,576.89