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Departments Parks Postage & Freight Services
Note: denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
Leonards Mail Co shipping charges Jul-31-2014 $15.02
Usps 07317001930307086 postage Jul-31-2014 $3.58
Fedex Purchase Fedex Sep-30-2014 $9.50
D J office supplies Purchase Nov-28-2014 $22.99
Beavers Inc. stamps Purchase Viewed an Dec-31-2014 $19.60
D J subscription Purchase Vie Dec-31-2014 $24.99
Usps 07317001930307086 stamps Purchase Viewed an Jan-30-2015 $49.00
The Ups Store 1565 postage Purchase Viewed a Jan-30-2015 $3.01
Fedex postage Purchase Viewed a Feb-27-2015 $19.03
Fedex Office 00016022 postage Purchase Viewed a Feb-27-2015 $5.24
Usps 07316801930306906 postage Purchase Viewed a Mar-31-2015 $4.70
Beavers Inc. stamps Purchase Viewed an Apr-30-2015 $29.40
Fedex shipping May-29-2015 $25.75
Larimer Electric shipping Purchase Viewed Jul-31-2015 $7.64
[P.O. # 1506775]
Mailing Parks Portion Aug-04-2015 $305.06
THE UPS STORE 1565 Postage Sep-30-2015 $28.31
MSC CLASS C paint, fuses, delivery fu Oct-30-2015 $2.49
THE UPS STORE #4655 freight Oct-30-2015 $14.97
THE UPS STORE 1565 shipping for soil samples Dec-29-2015 $56.84
USPS POSTAL ST66100207 stamps Jan-28-2016 $19.92
FEDEX 782037912612 Overnight to Vendor Jan-28-2016 $43.00
USPS POSTAL ST66100207 STAMPS Feb-29-2016 $30.70
FEDEX 782616428638 shipping charges Apr-29-2016 $61.02
Total (of all records): $ 801.76