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Legend: - denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
Ema  E-Newsletter May-31-2013 $56.00
Rocket Jones Interacti  Webpage May-31-2013 $29.00
Fedexoffice 00016022  2500 golf cards for South May-31-2013 $589.99
New Citizen  golf score cards May-31-2013 $4,125.00
[P.O. # 1304121]
1571 May-10-2013 $1,192.32
Ema  E Newsletter Apr-30-2013 $110.87
Rocket Jones Interacti  Website Apr-30-2013 $29.00
Fedexoffice 00016022  Collindale golf cards Apr-30-2013 $180.34
Fort Collins Coloradoan  Credit Voucher Fort Colli Apr-30-2013 $-760.00
Signs Now  Banners Apr-30-2013 $151.68
[P.O. # 1303373]
FC4671 Apr-16-2013 $1,469.00
Ema  e newsletter Mar-28-2013 $56.00
Fedexoffice 00016022  golf cards Mar-28-2013 $499.00
New Citizen  golf expo pass Mar-28-2013 $84.00
Total 4103 Shamrock  gas Mar-28-2013 $50.00
Rocket Jones Interacti  Website Mar-28-2013 $29.00
Target 00000794  Purchase Target Candy for Mar-28-2013 $25.47
Sir Speedy #20100  golf trade show Mar-28-2013 $31.50
Ema  enewsletter Purchase View Feb-28-2013 $70.40
New Citizen  Premier card table tents Feb-28-2013 $155.00
New Citizen  Premier business cards Pu Feb-28-2013 $70.00
New Citizen  Premier card coasters Pur Feb-28-2013 $573.00
New Citizen  Premier golf posters Purc Feb-28-2013 $65.00
Denver Mart Retail  golf expo Purchase Viewed Feb-28-2013 $80.00
Fort Collins Coloradoan  advertising Purchase View Feb-28-2013 $566.00
Quality Logo Products  golf trade show Purchase Feb-28-2013 $1,093.82
Fedexoffice 00016022  Southridge banner Purchas Feb-28-2013 $212.72
Fort Collins Coloradoan  advertising Purchase View Feb-28-2013 $899.40
Rocket Jones Interacti  website Purchase Viewed a Feb-28-2013 $29.00
Total (of all records): $ 11,762.51