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Open Book: City of Fort Collins Spending Transparency

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Legend: - denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
Golden Openings Inc  Grand Opening Scissors & Nov-30-2012 $627.75
Buy.Com  EXhibit signs Purchase Vi Nov-30-2012 $551.94
Homedepot.Com  Education supplies Dec-28-2012 $538.00
Nasco Modesto Catalog Sa  Microscopes x 3 Jan-31-2013 $454.50
Carolina Biological Suppl  Bunsen Burner Accessories Jan-31-2013 $453.90
Bridge Street Toys  InnoLab supplies Purchase Nov-30-2012 $413.78
Carolina Biological Suppl  Bunsen burners Jan-31-2013 $376.81
Containerstoreflatiron  Purchase Containerstorefl Oct-31-2012 $215.86
Thrifty Car Rental-Phl  Purchase Thrifty Car Rent Sep-28-2012 $190.05
Best Buy Mht 00002253  Flip cam for Videoing Vol Nov-30-2012 $174.98
Buy.Com  Inno Lab Supplies Purchas Nov-30-2012 $131.96
Office Max  Purchase Office Max Purch Sep-28-2012 $124.99
Promise Land Tannery  Purchase Promise Land Tan Sep-28-2012 $122.54
Wm Supercenter#2729  Education supplies Jan-31-2013 $103.69
Lightgod.Com  Blinky stars for Sneak Pe Oct-31-2012 $90.95
Wild Birds Unlimited Fort  Feeder supplies Dec-28-2012 $88.87
Wm Supercenter#2729  Whirley Gig Supplies; Bui Dec-28-2012 $84.05
Hobby-Lobby #0053  Paper-Cricut use-Rotary G Aug-31-2012 $75.89
Office Max  Paper for donor event Pur Nov-30-2012 $71.16
Jo-Ann Etc #2124  Purchase Jo-Ann Etc #2124 Oct-31-2012 $57.93
Chippers  Staff morale & team bldg Aug-31-2012 $56.50
Chippers  Staff morale & team build Aug-31-2012 $54.50
Safeway Store00010710  Trunk;Classroom; Teacher Dec-28-2012 $51.75
Office Max  Classroom Supplies/Volunt Nov-30-2012 $47.13
Fedexoffice 00016055  Laminating-Drink valet si Jan-31-2013 $43.51
Lithic Casting Lab  Repro tool for First Peop Dec-28-2012 $42.00
Petco 489 63504898  Live Collection/Exhibit Aug-31-2012 $40.66
Wm Supercenter#2729  Whirly Gig Supplies Dec-28-2012 $38.87
The Home Depot #1544  Education supplies Jan-31-2013 $38.31
Safeway Store00010710  Education/Volunteer kudos Nov-30-2012 $38.02
Office Max  Classroom & Reservation S Oct-31-2012 $37.94
Safeway Store00010710  Purchase Safeway Store000 Sep-28-2012 $37.85
Wm Supercenter#2729  Education Supplies Jan-31-2013 $36.85
287 Supply  Purchase 287 Supply Purch Oct-31-2012 $36.00
Downtown Ace Hardware  bags/hangers Purchase Vie Nov-30-2012 $35.93
King Soopers #0099  Education Supplies Dec-28-2012 $34.95
Jo-Ann Store #2228  Education supplies Jan-31-2013 $34.50
Petsmart Inc 251  Live Collection Jan-31-2013 $32.68
Wm Supercenter#2729  Whirly Gig Supplies Dec-28-2012 $30.48
Jd Dollar  Purchase Jd Dollar Purcha Oct-31-2012 $30.00
Hobby-Lobby #0053  Bison Enclosure Tool Moun Dec-28-2012 $27.85
Safeway Store00010710  Classroom/KItchen supplie Oct-31-2012 $27.66
Petco 489 63504898  Live Collection Jan-31-2013 $24.48
The Home Depot #1544  Purchase The Home Depot # Sep-28-2012 $23.98
Office Max  Trunk supplies Dec-28-2012 $22.84
Wm Supercenter#2729  Education Supplies Dec-28-2012 $22.15
Michaels #9976  Bison Enclosure hands on Dec-28-2012 $21.98
Dia Parking Operations  Purchase Dia Parking Oper Sep-28-2012 $21.00
Michaels #9976  Purchase Michaels #9976 P Oct-31-2012 $20.94
Wm Supercenter#2729  Purchase Wm Supercenter#2 Oct-31-2012 $20.76
Total (of all records): $ 6,300.18