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Departments Cultural Services Meals - Business, Non Travel
Note: denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
BISETTIS ITALIAN RESTAURA Full Staff Luncheon, Mile Sep-30-2016 $246.20
THE PULLMAN Creative District Conveni Jun-30-2016 $109.50
SAFEWAY STORE00010710 Creative District/Downtow Apr-29-2016 $92.26
SQ *ALLEGRIA PASTA Creative District Conveni Jun-30-2016 $86.68
LULU ASIAN BISTRO Lunch-Annual Mktg Team Re Jul-31-2016 $86.22
[P.O. # 1606274]
PROJECT MANAGEMENT Jul-05-2016 $85.60
Snooze Purchase Snooze Purchase Aug-31-2015 $49.00
JE JU JAPANESE RESTAURANT Junior League sponsor mtg Jun-30-2016 $48.81
THE 415 Alison Baumgartner's on-b Mar-31-2016 $48.01
Tasty Harmony Purchase Tasty Harmony Pu Oct-31-2014 $46.75
ENZIOS ITALIAN KITCHEN Creative District/DBA mee Apr-29-2016 $44.60
THE 415 Meeting with The Scene ma Sep-30-2015 $43.24
FISH MARKET Sponsorship Renewal Mtg, Sep-30-2016 $38.83
Nosh Purchase Nosh Purchase Vi Nov-28-2014 $38.50
LUCILES CREOLE CAFE BFO Discussion w EconHeal Apr-29-2016 $35.30
BANN THAI UCHealth Sponsor renewal Jun-30-2016 $35.18
The 415 Purchase The 415 Jun-30-2015 $32.40
ENZIOS ITALIAN KITCHEN Creative District meeting Sep-30-2015 $31.50
Jimmy Johns Gourmet Sanwh Purchase Jimmy Johns Gour Oct-31-2014 $30.00
Luciles Creole Cafe Purchase Luciles Creole C Oct-31-2014 $29.96
Rise! A Breakfast Place Purchase Rise! A Breakfas Feb-27-2015 $29.86
Cafe Vino Purchase Cafe Vino Jun-30-2015 $29.09
THE 415 Onboarding Lunch (Ed Mode Sep-30-2015 $28.66
Rainbow Ltd Purchase Rainbow Ltd Purc Nov-28-2014 $28.50
THE 415 Lunch with Limo Spnsor-Ja Jan-28-2016 $26.59
LULU ASIAN BISTRO Sponsorship Meeting w/Jac Sep-30-2015 $23.13
Golden Eagle Inn Purchase Golden Eagle Inn Nov-28-2014 $20.75
Golden Eagle Inn Purchase Golden Eagle Inn Nov-28-2014 $19.50
CAFE VINO Fort Collins Arts Marketi Nov-30-2015 $18.04
CAFE VINO Ft. Collins Arts Marketi Dec-29-2015 $17.84
Cafe Vino Purchase Cafe Vino Purcha Apr-30-2015 $14.21
Cafe Vino Purchase Cafe Vino Purcha Feb-27-2015 $14.18
SQ *MUGS DOWNTOWN mtg w/Eliizabeth Zurn, Op Feb-29-2016 $11.66
WHOLEFDS FTC 10147 Sponsorship Meeting w/Kor Sep-30-2015 $9.67
SQ *HARBINGER COFFE mtg w/Ty Fulcher, Social Feb-29-2016 $7.00
Total (of all records): $ 1,599.32