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Departments Cultural Services Dues & Subscription Services
Note: denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
[P.O. # 1605338]
SURVEYMONKEY.COM Monthly Subscription May-31-2016 $26.00
SURVEYMONKEY.COM Monthly Subscription May-31-2016 $26.00
PERENNIAL PLANT ASSOCIATI Membership dues May-31-2016 $95.00
IAAM INC Membership dues Apr-29-2016 $470.00
SURVEYMONKEY.COM Monthly Dues Apr-29-2016 $26.00
[P.O. # 1602980]
2016 MEMBERSHIP DUES Mar-31-2016 $300.00
SURVEYMONKEY.COM Monthly dues Mar-31-2016 $26.00
AMERICANS FOR THE ARTS 2 APP Membership - AMERICAN Mar-31-2016 $50.00
SURVEYMONKEY.COM Monthly dues Feb-29-2016 $26.00
NORTH AMERICAN ROCK GARD Dues and Subscriptions Jan-28-2016 $40.00
SURVEYMONKEY.COM Monthly Subscription Jan-28-2016 $26.00
INTIX Annual Dues, pro-rated De Jan-28-2016 $220.00
[P.O. # 1600459]
DBA MEMBERSHIP DUES Jan-12-2016 $300.00
SOS REGISTRATION FEE Friends registration - re Dec-29-2015 $60.00
POLLSTAR Purchase POLLSTAR-Annual Dec-29-2015 $489.00
IAAM INC IAVM 2016 membership dues Dec-29-2015 $470.00
ASSOCIATION OF PERFORMING Annual membership dues Dec-29-2015 $550.00
SURVEYMONKEY.COM Monthly dues-Nov. Nov-30-2015 $26.00
AM PUBLIC GARDENS ASSOC. apga dues Nov-30-2015 $600.00
INTIX INTIX annual membership Nov-30-2015 $168.00
SURVEYMONKEY.COM Monthly Dues- Oct. Nov-30-2015 $26.00
GAN*1021COLORADOANCIRC coloradoan subscription Oct-30-2015 $252.02
SURVEYMONKEY.COM Monthly subscription dues Oct-30-2015 $26.00
BB *AMER HORT SOCIETY dues Sep-30-2015 $140.00
SOS REGISTRATION FEE registration fee Sep-30-2015 $10.00
SURVEYMONKEY.COM Monthly dues Sep-30-2015 $26.00
SAM'S CLUB DIRECT Dept share Service fee-Sam's C Sep-22-2015 $5.00
SAM'S CLUB DIRECT Dept share Primary card Sep-22-2015 $4.50
[P.O. # 1507965]
CLUB MEMBERSHIP Sep-10-2015 $15.00
Colorado Nonprofits Asso Dues Purchase Viewed and Aug-31-2015 $85.00
Surveymonkey.Com Purchase Surveymonkey.Com Aug-31-2015 $26.00
League Of American Wheel Purchase League Of Americ Aug-31-2015 $25.00
Newspapers Sd Mt Co Mn Ca Purchase Newspapers Sd Mt Aug-31-2015 $252.02
Surveymonkey.Com Purchase Surveymonkey.Com Jul-31-2015 $26.00
Western Arts Alliance Purchase Western Arts All Jul-31-2015 $675.00
Directors Of Volunteers I Dues Purchase Viewed and Jul-31-2015 $35.00
Iaam Inc Purchase Iaam Inc Purchas Jul-31-2015 $455.00
SAM'S CLUB DIRECT Dept share Service fee-Sam's C Jun-30-2015 $3.21
Americans For The Arts 2 Purchase Americans For Th Jun-30-2015 $50.00
Surveymonkey.Com Purchase Surveymonkey.Com Jun-30-2015 $26.00
Surveymonkey.Com Purchase Surveymonkey.Com May-29-2015 $26.00
F+wp - Horticulture Mag Subscription Purchase Vie Apr-30-2015 $34.95
Dropbox*yrc2l7wjh1ky Purchase Dropbox*yrc2l7wj Apr-30-2015 $99.00
Surveymonkey.Com Purchase Surveymonkey.Com Mar-31-2015 $26.00
[P.O. # 1502157]
2015 MEMBERSHIP DUES Mar-10-2015 $400.00
Americans For The Arts 2 Purchase Americans For Th Feb-27-2015 $50.00
Valutec Card Solutions Purchase Valutec Card Sol Feb-27-2015 $86.00
Surveymonkey.Com Purchase Surveymonkey.Com Feb-27-2015 $26.00
Surveymonkey.Com Purchase Surveymonkey.Com Feb-27-2015 $26.00
SAM'S CLUB DIRECT   Feb-11-2015 $3.57
Intix Purchase Intix Purchase V Jan-30-2015 $137.50
Surveymonkey.Com Purchase Surveymonkey.Com Jan-30-2015 $26.00
Iaam Inc Purchase Iaam Inc Purchas Jan-30-2015 $455.00
Pollstar Purchase Pollstar Purchas Dec-31-2014 $489.00
Association Of Performing Purchase Association Of P Dec-31-2014 $550.00
Amazon.Com Purchase Amazon.Com Purch Dec-31-2014 $45.94
Am Public Gardens Assoc. Dues Purchase Viewed and Dec-31-2014 $600.00
Surveymonkey.Com Purchase Surveymonkey.Com Nov-28-2014 $26.00
Surveymonkey.Com Purchase Surveymonkey.Com Nov-28-2014 $26.00
Intix Purchase Intix Purchase V Oct-31-2014 $258.00
SAM'S CLUB DIRECT Dept share Service fee Oct-07-2014 $3.57
SAM'S CLUB DIRECT McBride Primary Oct-07-2014 $5.62
Total (of all records): $ 9,656.90