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Departments Park Planning & Development Other Supplies
Note: denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
VZWRLSS*IVR VB Park Plan and Admin Wirel Aug-29-2016 $802.49
HIXON MFG AND SUPPLY CO Purchase HIXON MFG AND SU Sep-30-2016 $118.43
VZWRLSS*APOCC VISB Park Planning and Admin C Oct-28-2016 $75.69
Banisters Flowers Llc Purchase Banisters Flower Aug-31-2015 $60.00
Wal-Mart #2729 Purchase Wal-Mart #2729 m Jul-31-2015 $45.89
KING SOOPERS #0099 Card for Jason May-31-2016 $6.98
City Of Fort Collins Purchase City Of Fort Col Jun-30-2015 $6.00
City Of Fort Collins Credit Voucher City Of Fo Jun-30-2015 $-6.00
Total (of all records): $ 1,109.48