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Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
[P.O. # 1302887]
polyballs Mar-29-2013 $42.85
Miramont Lifestyle Fitnes  passport to recreation cl Mar-28-2013 $48.00
Wal-Mart #2729  table for MP Mar-28-2013 $37.88
Front Range Event Rental  soup cup rental Mar-28-2013 $147.72
Wal-Mart #2729  Apple and 2 HDMI adapters Mar-28-2013 $83.00
King Soopers #0018  FRF anniversary party Mar-28-2013 $19.94
Ross Store #404  Afterschool Enrichment Pr Mar-28-2013 $24.23
Midtown Arts Center  summer camp Mar-28-2013 $715.50
Amc Cinema Sav01062850  movies for Afterschool En Mar-28-2013 $40.00
Tickethorse - M  tickets to USA vs. Costa Mar-28-2013 $525.20
Jax Outdoor Gear  Kites in the Park Mar-28-2013 $72.00
Wm Supercenter#2729  hip hop expo Mar-28-2013 $27.81
Wm Supercenter#2729  treat bags, candy for saf Mar-28-2013 $42.96
Wm Supercenter#2729  facility supplies Mar-28-2013 $161.27
The Home Depot #1544  facility supplies Mar-28-2013 $110.29
Epic Sports  drop-in balls Mar-28-2013 $167.18
Bizshoppes.Com (Klein)  gym wipes Mar-28-2013 $1,664.25
Ross Store #404  ping pong supplies Mar-28-2013 $20.97
Jd Dollar  Ancianos Mar-28-2013 $38.00
Kingsley North Inc  lapidary oil and supplies Mar-28-2013 $103.04
Graves Co  jewelry supplies Mar-28-2013 $28.00
Netflix.Com  Afternoon at the movies Mar-28-2013 $4.99
Hobby-Lobby #0053  Moonlight and Roses Mar-28-2013 $10.13
Baron Barclay Bridge  replacement bidding cards Mar-28-2013 $747.06
Stage Right Corporation  stage bottom replacement Mar-28-2013 $31.50
Wm Supercenter#2729  craft and science supplie Mar-28-2013 $30.43
Wm Supercenter#2729  youth class supplies Mar-28-2013 $17.87
Wm Supercenter#2729  Curious Twos Mar-28-2013 $3.96
King Soopers #0009  gift cards for pool prize Mar-28-2013 $100.00
Wm Supercenter#2729  youth Super Bowl party Mar-28-2013 $17.55
Party City #417  youth Super Bowl party Mar-28-2013 $15.98
Party City #417  youth Super Bowl party Mar-28-2013 $31.93
Hobby-Lobby #0053  youth Super Bowl party Mar-28-2013 $57.42
Wm Supercenter#2729  supplies for programs Mar-28-2013 $28.42
Rainbow Communications  DVDs for programs Mar-28-2013 $48.80
Wm Supercenter#2729  office supplies Mar-28-2013 $33.81
The Home Depot #1544  hardware Mar-28-2013 $18.68
Sports Imports  volleyball net cable Mar-28-2013 $103.55
7-Eleven 32276  batteries Mar-28-2013 $4.82
Rue21 # 244 Loveland  duct tape for youth class Mar-28-2013 $23.80
Kmart 04471  science supplies Mar-28-2013 $9.08
Dolrtree 2692 00026922  science supplies Mar-28-2013 $5.00
Amazon Mktplace Pmts  pickle ball supplies Mar-28-2013 $31.53
Target 00000794  hip hop expo Mar-28-2013 $14.90
Mawson Lumber & Hardware  Kites in the Park Mar-28-2013 $169.00
Wm Supercenter#2729  storage Mar-28-2013 $5.72
Lloyds Art Center  hip hop & art supplies Mar-28-2013 $195.00
King Soopers #0099  Ancianos Mar-28-2013 $18.89
Albertsons #0862  Moonlight and Roses/FRF a Mar-28-2013 $19.07
Front Range Event Rental  chair rental Mar-28-2013 $35.64
Total (of all records): $ 12,693.06