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Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
Hobby-Lobby #0053  Giant Friends Club Jul-31-2013 $7.62
Albertsons #0876  Ancianos Jul-31-2013 $29.82
Michaels #9976  Ancianos Jul-31-2013 $26.57
Blockbuster Inc#90153  super hero camp Jul-31-2013 $0.99
Lees Cycleryfitness  bike camp Jul-31-2013 $20.59
The Home Depot #1544  guys camp Jul-31-2013 $26.40
Wal-Mart #2729  guys camp Jul-31-2013 $72.18
Absolute Fencing Gear  fencing gear Jul-31-2013 $136.50
Wal-Mart #2729  Senior games Jul-31-2013 $13.65
Silver Mine Subs  Try Over the Line food Jul-31-2013 $162.25
Chroma Apparel  Baseball for All jerseys Jul-31-2013 $180.00
Rocky Mountain Recumbents  recumbent bike Jul-31-2013 $1,260.00
Tbe*pooldawg  pool cues Jul-31-2013 $122.97
Hobbytown Usa Fort Collin  ping pong net Jul-31-2013 $19.99
Hobbytown Usa Fort Collin  ping pong table Jul-31-2013 $249.99
Amz*webstaurantstore C  coffee pots Jul-31-2013 $206.54
King Soopers #0099  facility supplies Jul-31-2013 $59.99
Hercules Industries Ft Co  flexible tubing for theat Jul-31-2013 $185.89
Fort Collins Supershuttl  shuttle to DIA for guest Jul-31-2013 $33.04
Esix  coaching insurance Jul-31-2013 $90.00
Downtown Ace Hardware  keys Jul-31-2013 $9.54
Delta Air  baggage for guest instruc Jul-31-2013 $25.00
King Soopers #0009  nat'l GO day Jul-31-2013 $5.68
Big Air Jumpers, I  Natl Get Outdoors Day Jul-31-2013 $718.00
Best Rental Inc  Nat'l Get Outdoors day Jul-31-2013 $49.11
Wal-Mart #2729  fishing supplies Jul-31-2013 $155.63
Fort Collins Nursery  Lady bugs Jul-31-2013 $7.49
Bath Nursery & Garden Cen  lady bugs Jul-31-2013 $13.18
All Sports Trophies  name tags Jul-31-2013 $170.00
Albertsons #0862  Funtime supplies Jul-31-2013 $5.96
Albertsons #0862  camp supplies Jul-31-2013 $17.75
Jax Ranch & Home  tack supplies Jul-31-2013 $7.99
Happy Horse Tack & Sad  tack supplies Jul-31-2013 $107.85
Four Winds  tack supplies Jul-31-2013 $28.95
287 Supply  tack supplies Jul-31-2013 $169.40
287 Supply  saddle pads Jul-31-2013 $98.90
Walmart.Com 8009666546  fit balls Jul-31-2013 $73.23
Us Figure Skating  annual membership Jul-31-2013 $31.00
Ups  return unneeded merchandi Jul-31-2013 $15.22
Planet Dj 00 Of 00  sound mixer Jul-31-2013 $104.99
Planet Dj 00 Of 00  tape deck Jul-31-2013 $199.00
Office Max  ink for skate coaches pri Jul-31-2013 $101.77
Lock Safe Systems  keys Jul-31-2013 $12.00
Hercules Industries Ft Co  Flexible tubing for theat Jul-31-2013 $92.94
Dolrtree 2692 00026922  playground program Jul-31-2013 $17.00
Wal-Mart #2729  bike camp supplies Jul-31-2013 $67.89
Target 00000794  teen camps Jul-31-2013 $68.66
King Soopers #0099  propane grill Jul-31-2013 $44.98
Jax Outdoor Gear  guys camp Jul-31-2013 $109.90
Fandango  super hero camp Jul-31-2013 $23.50
Total (of all records): $ 88,701.19