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Departments Recreation Other Land & Bldg Supplies
Note: denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
PARKER STORE MCCOY SALES Hose connector adapter Sep-30-2015 $13.07
DOWNTOWN ACE HARDWARE Cleaning machine deposit Sep-30-2015 $19.98
ONT*SWIVEL SWEEPER MAX Swivel sweeper-carpets Sep-30-2015 $19.99
CARROT TOP INDUSTRIES INC US Flag Sep-30-2015 $43.10
DOWNTOWN ACE HARDWARE Spraypaint for EPIC recyc Sep-30-2015 $16.97
Photo Shop history wall Purchase Vie Jul-31-2015 $4.00
Michaels Stores 9976 picture frames Purchase V Jul-31-2015 $100.24
Josephs Hardware history wall Purchase Vie Jul-31-2015 $68.15
All Sports Trophies history wall Purchase Vie Jul-31-2015 $85.00
Michaels Stores 9976 history wall Credit Vouch Jul-31-2015 $-42.96
Wm Supercenter #2729 keys Purchase Viewed and Mar-31-2015 $7.12
The Home Depot #1544 micro squeegees Purchase Mar-31-2015 $50.91
Displays2gocom RMP tennis Purchase Viewe Mar-31-2015 $406.70
Wal-Mart #2729 facillity supplies Credit Feb-27-2015 $-1.96
Wal-Mart #2729 facility supplies Purchas Feb-27-2015 $33.84
The Home Depot #1544 Stage hardware Purchase V Aug-29-2014 $42.18
Total (of all records): $ 866.33