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Legend: - denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
Lawson Products  luminescent tape for blea Jan-31-2014 $1,255.73
Lawson Products  hardware Sep-30-2014 $969.37
[P.O. # 1501055]
hardware for EPIC Feb-02-2015 $934.10
[P.O. # 1501055]
hardware for EPIC Feb-02-2015 $933.74
Lawson Products  hardware Purchase Viewed Nov-28-2014 $837.57
Lawson Products  hardware Apr-30-2014 $660.32
Western Paper Distributor  soap dispensers Purchase Oct-31-2013 $660.00
Homedepot.Com  fireproof cabinet Apr-30-2014 $535.08
[P.O. # 1405416]
key pads for fitness equip. Jun-23-2014 $527.00
McMaster-Carr  Purchase McMaster-Carr Pu Feb-27-2014 $509.55
Recreonics Inc  vac poles Apr-30-2014 $470.28
Lawson Products  nuts & bolts Purchase Vie Nov-29-2013 $457.42
Lawson Products  hardware Purchase Viewed Aug-29-2014 $457.29
Lawson Products  disinfectant & hardware P Oct-31-2014 $436.59
Lawson Products  nuts & bolts Sep-30-2013 $425.41
The Home Depot #1544  ladders for EPIC Purchase Oct-31-2013 $419.00
Lawson Products  nuts and bolts Purchase V Jan-31-2014 $406.30
Lawson Products  Purchase Lawson Products Feb-27-2014 $375.01
[P.O. # 1501454]
50 bags of ice melt Feb-13-2015 $364.50
Lawson Products  hardware Purchase Viewed May-30-2014 $327.68
The Home Depot #1544  air conditioner & brooms Sep-30-2013 $309.66
Lawson Products  nuts, bolts & drill bits Mar-31-2014 $301.83
Peterson Canvas & Awning  black curtains for Foxtai Jan-30-2015 $275.00
The Home Depot #1544  brooms, shovel, lumber Pu Jan-30-2015 $251.36
McMaster-Carr  hardware Purchase Viewed Feb-27-2015 $245.23
Lawson Products  hardware screws Purchase Mar-31-2015 $239.58
McMaster-Carr  hardware Purchase Viewed May-30-2014 $233.16
Sears  snowblower parts Purchase Feb-27-2015 $187.15
Lawson Products  disinfectant Purchase Vie Oct-31-2013 $177.09
4 Rivers Equipment Llc  snowblower parts Purchase Mar-31-2015 $165.65
Cps Distributors Inc Foc  pump part Purchase Viewed Apr-30-2015 $141.80
Hobart Estore  Purchase Hobart Estore re Feb-27-2014 $132.48
Jax Ranch & Home  Treatsylvania supplies Pu Nov-28-2014 $108.75
Imperial Textile  shower curtain Purchase V Jan-30-2015 $108.38
[P.O. # 1501457]
repaired bucket milker Feb-13-2015 $98.60
The Home Depot #1544  wood posts & concrete mix Jul-31-2015 $91.09
The Home Depot #1544  Purchase The Home Depot # Feb-27-2014 $83.94
The Home Depot #1544  tarp & ties Purchase View Jul-31-2015 $79.73
Downtown Ace Hardware  caulking supplies & lock Feb-27-2015 $67.91
The Home Depot 1512  sander & sander disks Sep-30-2013 $66.94
The Home Depot #1544  Treatsylvania supplies Pu Nov-28-2014 $64.62
The Home Depot 1512  squeegee & cleaning pads Dec-31-2014 $61.93
Wm Supercenter #2729  facility/youth class supp Jan-30-2015 $58.00
Poudre Valley Coop  gate wheel Purchase Viewe Aug-29-2014 $53.67
The Home Depot #1544  carpet cleaner rental Pur Mar-31-2014 $50.00
Dairy Specialists Store  milker parts Apr-30-2014 $48.75
The Home Depot #1544  hardware Purchase Viewed May-30-2014 $47.64
Dairy Specialists Store  milker parts and hose Apr-30-2014 $45.79
Downtown Ace Hardware  misc. hardware & mouse ba Feb-27-2015 $45.44
The Home Depot #1544  sprinkler parts Purchase Jul-31-2015 $39.94
Total (of all records): $ 16,423.29