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Departments Recreation Tools & Related Supplies
Note: denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
APPAREL IMAGING SPECIA BA coat for new employee Jan-28-2016 $52.00
WAL-MART #2729 cleaning gloves & planner Dec-29-2015 $9.92
UPS*2957R4NMD3M ship old suit mate back t Sep-30-2015 $5.95
WM SUPERCENTER #2729 cleaning supplies Sep-30-2015 $50.85
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 safety supplies Sep-30-2015 $57.88
THE HOME DEPOT #1544 tape, packing, duct, elec Sep-30-2015 $29.01
The Home Depot #1544 safety chain & locks for Aug-31-2015 $10.50
The Home Depot #1544 cleaning supplies Purchas Aug-31-2015 $36.90
The Home Depot #1544 rubber mallet for skate s Jul-31-2015 $29.99
Lawson Products drill Purchase Viewed and Jul-31-2015 $478.30
The Home Depot #1544 tool box liner Purchase V Jul-31-2015 $9.88
The Home Depot #1544 work gloves for new emplo Jul-31-2015 $39.98
Lawson Products hammer drill Jun-30-2015 $256.58
The Home Depot #1544 handrail bracket & gloves Apr-30-2015 $25.44
Lawson Products pry bars and drill bit se Apr-30-2015 $450.72
Shell Oil 57444298004 gas for city vehicle Purc Jan-30-2015 $25.00
Lawson Products tools Purchase Viewed and Jan-30-2015 $72.91
Lawson Products tools for ice show Purcha Dec-31-2014 $281.33
Lawson Products tools for ice show Purcha Dec-31-2014 $885.76
The Home Depot 1512 locks/cleaning supplies P Nov-28-2014 $68.90
The Home Depot #1544 return wrong sized locks Nov-28-2014 $-21.88
Josephs Hardware Purchase Josephs Hardware Nov-28-2014 $208.16
The Home Depot 1512 Purchase The Home Depot 1 Nov-28-2014 $94.66
The Home Depot #1544 hardware for skating comp Nov-28-2014 $32.27
The Home Depot 1512 cleaning supplies & glove Oct-31-2014 $119.79
The Home Depot #1544 tools Purchase Viewed and Oct-31-2014 $69.81
The Home Depot #1544 holesaw kit Sep-30-2014 $92.82
Wm Supercenter #2729 ice for skate rental ice Sep-30-2014 $4.00
The Home Depot #1544 tape measures Purchase Vi Aug-29-2014 $87.41
The Home Depot #1544 mounting tape for signs P Aug-29-2014 $9.97
The Home Depot #1544 wire cutters and crimpers Jun-30-2014 $23.45
The Home Depot #1544 gloves for glass handling May-30-2014 $79.92
Total (of all records): $ 3,678.18