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Legend: - denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
Qdoba 771 05707716  Purchase Qdoba 771 057077 Jul-31-2013 $11.46
Radioshack Cor00134312  Purchase Radioshack Cor00 Jul-31-2013 $99.94
Clays Ace Hardware  Purchase Clays Ace Hardwa Jul-31-2013 $28.98
E.O. Schweitzer Mfg. I  Purchase E.O. Schweitzer Jul-31-2013 $1,212.00
Project Mgmt Institute  Purchase Project Mgmt Ins Jul-31-2013 $405.00
Radioshack Cor00134312  Purchase Radioshack Cor00 Jul-31-2013 $15.37
Panhandlers Pizza - M  Purchase Panhandlers Pizz Jul-31-2013 $40.48
The Home Depot #1544  Purchase The Home Depot # Jul-31-2013 $39.95
Wal-Mart #2729  Purchase Wal-Mart #2729 Jul-31-2013 $32.88
Charco Broiler  Purchase Charco Broiler Jul-31-2013 $10.50
Front Range Powder Coatin  Purchase Front Range Powd Jun-28-2013 $190.00
Cleaveland Price, Inc.  Purchase Cleaveland Price Apr-30-2013 $706.90
The Home Depot 1512  Purchase The Home Depot 1 Apr-30-2013 $18.29
Jimmy Johns Gourmet Sanwh  Purchase Jimmy Johns Gour Apr-30-2013 $61.00
L-Com Global Connectivit  Purchase L-Com Global Con Apr-30-2013 $195.75
Total (of all records): $ 3,068.50