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Departments Utility Financial Operations Procurement Card Default
Note: denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
O.C.P.O. /c.E.C.T.I. Purchase O.C.P.O. /c.E.C. Aug-31-2015 $60.00
O.C.P.O. /c.E.C.T.I. Purchase O.C.P.O. /c.E.C. Aug-31-2015 $55.00
E 470 Express Tolls Purchase E 470 Express To Jun-30-2015 $41.00
Party City Purchase Party City Jun-30-2015 $84.15
Act*rmsawwa Credit Voucher Act*rmsaww Jun-30-2015 $-95.00
Usa Mobility Wirele Purchase Usa Mobility Wir Jun-30-2015 $358.04
All Sports Trophies Purchase All Sports Troph Jul-31-2014 $27.50
King Soopers #0009 Purchase King Soopers #00 Jul-31-2014 $49.98
Total (of all records): $ 580.67