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Departments Comm. & Public Involvement Food & Related Supplies
Note: denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
RAINBOW LTD IES Retreat Mar-31-2016 $330.00
SPOONS SOUPS & SALADS IES Retreat Mar-31-2016 $211.40
Jasons Deli ELT Mtg Purchase Viewed a Aug-29-2014 $161.35
Coopersmiths Pub & Brewin Year-End Holiday Party Pu Jan-30-2015 $158.00
KRAZY KARLS PIZZA CPIO Director Interviews Nov-30-2015 $95.69
King Soopers #0099 ECS Manager Retreat Purch Mar-31-2015 $94.38
AMAZON MKTPLACE PMTS Kitchen Supplies Mar-31-2016 $82.46
ASIAN CHEF & JASMI DiMartino-Collective Barg Oct-30-2015 $52.65
JIMMY JOHN'S # 451 - E FOP Prep Nov-30-2015 $48.75
KING SOOPERS #0099 IES Retreat Mar-31-2016 $46.70
SAFEWAY STORE00010710 Butterfly Bldg Open House Oct-30-2015 $44.47
LUPITAS MEXICAN RESTAURAN ECS Service Area Mtg Oct-30-2015 $40.00
Krazy Karls Pizza SOC Working Lunch Purchas Feb-27-2015 $29.95
Tcby #9425902 TLG Debrief Jun-30-2014 $25.71
The Silver Grill DiMartino-Employee Commit Sep-30-2014 $25.58
Pizza Casbah Purchase Pizza Casbah Pur Nov-28-2014 $25.50
KING SOOPERS #0018 Collective Bargaining Ses Nov-30-2015 $25.23
King Soopers #0018 Purchase King Soopers #00 Nov-28-2014 $24.86
King Soopers #0099 HR Technology Mgr Recruit Feb-27-2015 $17.20
King Soopers #0018 SSA Team Leader Retreat Jul-31-2014 $16.45
Starbucks #06570 Fort Col Allen-PDT Interview Panel Jan-30-2015 $16.05
KING SOOPERS #0009 ECS Service Area Mtg Oct-30-2015 $11.82
Total (of all records): $ 1,664.19