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Departments Comm. & Public Involvement Meals - Business, Non Travel
Note: denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
KING SOOPERS #0099 IES Core Mtg Mar-31-2017 $59.50
SQ *DAZBOG COFFEE Young-Mtg re SSRM Mar-31-2017 $8.79
SQ *THE CROOKED CUP QPA Mtg Feb-28-2017 $10.34
PUEBLO VIEJO-FT COLLINS King/Wilmsen Mtg Feb-28-2017 $37.15
PUBLIC RELATIONS SOCIETY Young-PRSA Mtg Jan-30-2017 $35.00
THE CROWN PUB King-Visit FC Mtg Dec-29-2016 $35.90
ILLEGAL PETES Bierbower Reimbursable Dec-29-2016 $9.64
BIZWEST MEDIA Credit BIZWEST MEDIA Dec-29-2016 $-106.98
BIZWEST MEDIA 40 Under 40 Event Nov-30-2016 $106.98
BACKCOUNTRY PROVISIONS Dimartino-Mtg w/Roche Nov-30-2016 $25.20
BACKCOUNTRY PROVISIONS Dimartino-ELT Planning Mt Oct-28-2016 $45.54
LA LUZ MEXICAN GRILL Wilmsen-BA Mtg Sep-30-2016 $25.75
THE SILVER GRILL DiMartino-UniverCity Stee Sep-30-2016 $76.16
ENZIOS ITALIAN KITCHEN DiMartino-HR Mtg Sep-30-2016 $54.30
STARBUCKS STORE 02202 DiMartino-CHRO Mtg Aug-29-2016 $5.58
THE CROWN PUB King-Mtg w/Creative Distr Aug-29-2016 $26.38
SQ *DOWNTOWN ARTERY CAFE DiMartino-Sawyer QPA Aug-29-2016 $10.00
LA LUZ MEXICAN GRILL Purchase LA LUZ MEXICAN G Jul-31-2016 $2.36
ENZIOS ITALIAN KITCHEN Dimartino-Mtg w/Voker Jul-31-2016 $33.90
PUBLIC RELATIONS SOCIETY Young-PRSA Luncheon Jul-31-2016 $45.00
A CUT ABOVE BREAKFAST & D Young-County Mtg Jul-31-2016 $15.77
Austins King-Visit FC Mtg May-31-2016 $34.35
Austins DiMartino-DBA Mtg Apr-29-2016 $37.40
THE 415 Graphics Mtg Apr-29-2016 $85.00
PAYPAL *FORTCOLLINS King-Natl Tourism Luncheo Apr-29-2016 $35.00
COOPERSMITHS PUB & BREWIN Smith-Business Mtg Apr-29-2016 $16.92
SQ *THE CROOKED CUP DiMartino-City Partnershi Feb-29-2016 $7.77
SQ *BEAN CYCLE ROASTERS DiMartino-King 1x1 Jan-28-2016 $10.50
THE 415 Smith-Busines Lunch Jan-28-2016 $27.51
TASTY HARMONY Smith-Business Lunch Jan-28-2016 $26.50
JJ LINDEN STREET L CPIO Xmas Party Jan-28-2016 $176.93
AVOGADROS NUMBER Wilsmen-Business Mtg Dec-29-2015 $7.88
COOPERSMITHS PUB & BREWIN DiMartino-Mtg w/Johnson Dec-29-2015 $32.39
BLUE AGAVE GRILL City Branding Mtg Dec-29-2015 $55.50
JIMMY JOHNS GOURMET SANWH Bierbower-Business Mtg Dec-29-2015 $145.00
Austins HD Mtg Dec-29-2015 $40.00
SQ *C CUBED INC. - DAZBOG Smith-Business Mtg Nov-30-2015 $10.86
KRAZY KARLS PIZZA CPIO Director Interviews Nov-30-2015 $89.36
THE 415 Young-Business Mtg Nov-30-2015 $16.98
MAINLINE LLC Smith-3CMA Mtg Oct-30-2015 $97.26
PUEBLO VIEJO-FT COLLINS Smith-Business Mtg Oct-30-2015 $32.89
BACKCOUNTRY PROVISIONS DiMartino-Runyan Mtg Oct-30-2015 $24.10
ENZIOS ITALIAN KITCHEN DiMartino-Mtg w/ Volker Sep-30-2015 $33.00
ENZIOS ITALIAN KITCHEN Wilmsen-Business Mtg Sep-30-2015 $32.50
Rio Grande Mexican Fort Graphics Alignment Mtg Pu Aug-31-2015 $10.38
Rio Grande Mexican Fort Wilmsen-CSU Life Advertis Aug-31-2015 $28.95
Shamrock Foodservice War supplies for City picnic Aug-31-2015 $135.61
Austins COMCAST FRANCHISE PROJECT Aug-31-2015 $66.80
Coopersmiths Pub & Brewin CPIO Appreciation Week Jun-30-2015 $101.00
Everyday Joes Allen-Mtg w/De Salas Jun-30-2015 $10.80
The 415 Wilmsen-Bus Apprec Break May-29-2015 $26.00
The Kitchen-Fort Colli DiMartino-Mtg w/Volker May-29-2015 $40.37
Serious Texas Barbq V Onboarding Admin Mtg May-29-2015 $11.50
Pizza Hut #2102 FEMA Training May-29-2015 $24.02
Saigon Grill Wilmsen-Mtg w/Coloradoan Apr-30-2015 $20.94
Pueblo Viejo-Ft Collins Allen-ISS Meeting Purchas Apr-30-2015 $50.50
Total (of all records): $ 2,248.61