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Departments Accounting and Treasury Meals - Business, Non Travel
Note: denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
BISETTIS ITALIAN RESTAURA Team Farewell Lunch - Fai Jun-30-2016 $100.50
BEAU JO'S MANAGEMENT Auditor welcome meeting May-31-2016 $105.30
JASON'S DELI ONLINE Breakfast/lunch at off-si Feb-29-2016 $199.39
BEAU JO'S MANAGEMENT Purchase BEAU JO'S MANAGE Feb-29-2016 $40.00
MOES ORIGINAL BBQ FORT CO Welcome lunch - Antigone Jan-28-2016 $39.29
Austins Business lunch: P2P Jan-28-2016 $19.32
HuHot Mongolian Grill For Purchase HuHot Mongolian Dec-29-2015 $67.50
BEAU JO'S MANAGEMENT Purchase BEAU JO'S MANAGE Nov-30-2015 $51.67
THE CROWN PUB Purchase THE CROWN PUB Nov-30-2015 $99.33
BACKCOUNTRY PROVISIONS Lunch for panel during in Oct-30-2015 $54.36
STEAKOUT SALOON Team lunch - Dena farewel Sep-30-2015 $61.28
Beau Jos Management Purchase Beau Jos Managem Aug-31-2015 $182.00
Pueblo Viejo-Ft Collins Purchase Pueblo Viejo-Ft Jul-31-2015 $65.00
Sq *cranknstein Purchase Sq *cranknstein Jan-30-2015 $8.31
Austins Purchase Austins Sep-30-2014 $32.27
Coopersmiths Pub & Brewin Purchase Coopersmiths Pub Aug-29-2014 $46.99
Total (of all records): $ 1,254.31