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Legend: - denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
Rainbow Ltd  CPO Advisory Group Purcha Aug-31-2015 $245.00
RAINBOW LTD  CRO Advisory Group Oct-30-2015 $245.00
Caninos Italian Restau  MHE Training May-29-2015 $206.00
The Pita Pit  FortZED Mtg Purchase View Jan-31-2014 $191.14
King Soopers #0099  MHE Training May-29-2015 $177.76
Panera Bread #3079  ES Mtg w/Visitors Apr-30-2014 $173.88
Jasons Deli  Recycling Facility Tour Jun-30-2014 $170.34
Jimmy Johns # 451 - E  Waste Innovation Tour Pur Mar-31-2014 $164.75
Beau Jos Management  ESD Appreciation Lunch Jun-30-2015 $132.87
Jimmy Johns # 451 - E  CAP Implementation Mtg Jun-30-2015 $130.06
Panera Bread #203079  AQAB 11/18/13 Purchase Vi Dec-30-2013 $103.34
Panera Bread #203079  AQAB 11/18/13 Purchase Vi Jan-31-2014 $103.34
Pizza Casbah  MHE Training May-29-2015 $102.55
Mad Greens Catering  NRAB 11/20/13 Purchase Vi Dec-30-2013 $100.00
Mad Greens Catering  NRAB 11/20/13 Purchase Vi Jan-31-2014 $100.00
THE PITA PIT  Hovey Farewell Lunch Sep-30-2015 $99.73
King Soopers #0099  MHE Training May-29-2015 $99.19
The Pita Pit  Volunteer Lunch May-29-2015 $95.10
[P.O. # 1504120]
Volunteer Meals May-15-2015 $95.03
Bisettis Italian Restaura  Intern Thank you Lunch Jun-30-2014 $91.00
Backcountry Provisions  ES BFO Results Team Jun-30-2014 $86.55
Beau Jos Management  Earth Tub Meeting Purchas Jan-30-2015 $85.89
Austins  GU Staff/Team Lunch May-29-2015 $84.00
SQ *SLYCE PIZZA CO.  Smith-ESD Plan Mtg Oct-30-2015 $82.80
Papa Johns #02710  Community Mtg Purchase Vi Nov-29-2013 $80.41
Choice City Butcher & Del  Volunteer Appreciation Lu Jun-30-2015 $79.00
Fazolis #2906  EAC NRAB Mtgs Purchase Vi Nov-29-2013 $77.99
BACKCOUNTRY PROVISIONS  Interview Lunches Sep-30-2015 $76.30
The Pita Pit  AQAB Mtg Purchase Viewed Nov-29-2013 $75.00
Blue Agave Grill  Volunteer Lunch Purchase Aug-31-2015 $69.67
BLUE AGAVE GRILL  Volunteer Lunch Oct-30-2015 $69.67
King Soopers #0099  AQAB Mtg Purchase Viewed Jan-31-2014 $66.39
The Silver Grill  Dnvr Enrironmental Health Dec-31-2014 $63.83
HENRY'S PUB  Gordon-Business Mtg Sep-30-2015 $63.73
Papa Johns #02710  CAP Charrette Purchase Vi May-30-2014 $60.50
The Kitchen-Fort Colli  HSH Database Mtg Sep-30-2014 $60.45
BACKCOUNTRY PROVISIONS  Selection Committe Lunch Sep-30-2015 $58.02
Qdoba #307  R2W Mtg Purchase Viewed a Nov-29-2013 $57.85
Racines Restaurant  Working Mtg re: MKF Contr Aug-31-2015 $56.86
The Silver Grill  Mtg re: Earth Tub Purchas Nov-29-2013 $56.71
Consuelos Express Llc  MHE Training May-29-2015 $51.00
King Soopers #0099  MHE Training May-29-2015 $50.51
Ingredient Restaurant  Climate Panel Lunch Jun-30-2014 $49.80
Wal-Mart #2729  ES Working Mtg Food Apr-30-2014 $48.71
Taverna Greek Grill  Mtg w/Sheela & Errin Purc Dec-30-2013 $48.00
Taverna Greek Grill  Mtg w/Sheela & Errin Purc Jan-31-2014 $48.00
The 415  Intern Thank you Sep-30-2014 $47.80
Beau Jos Management  Volunteer Training Lunch Apr-30-2014 $47.68
Pizza Casbah  Senior Center Tour Purcha Aug-29-2014 $47.00
THE EGG AND I COLLEGE  CRO Mtg Oct-30-2015 $44.14
Total (of all records): $ 6,175.93