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Legend: - denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
Sq *bean Cycle Roasters  Rivendell Working Mtg Pur Aug-31-2015 $7.75
Racines Restaurant  Working Mtg re: MKF Contr Aug-31-2015 $56.86
Rainbow Ltd  CPO Advisory Group Purcha Aug-31-2015 $245.00
Inca Mexican Restaurant  Volunteer Lunch Purchase Aug-31-2015 $17.71
Wholefds Ftc 10147  Volunteer Lunch Purchase Aug-31-2015 $32.25
Blue Agave Grill  Volunteer Lunch Purchase Aug-31-2015 $69.67
Mountain Cafe  Volunteer Mtg Purchase Vi Jul-31-2015 $29.54
The Egg And I Loveland  Lutheran Fam Svcs Mtg Pur Jul-31-2015 $43.64
Jimmy Johns # 451 - E  CAP Implementation Mtg Jun-30-2015 $130.06
The 415  AQ Interview Candidate Jun-30-2015 $30.56
Backcountry Provisions  CRO Mtg Jun-30-2015 $35.00
Sq *c Cubed Inc. - Dazbog  Gordon-Mtg w/Woodruff Jun-30-2015 $7.58
La Luz Mexican Grill  CAP Implementation Mtg Jun-30-2015 $36.24
Choice City Butcher & Del  Volunteer Appreciation Lu Jun-30-2015 $79.00
Beau Jos Management  ESD Appreciation Lunch Jun-30-2015 $132.87
Mountain Cafe  Volunteer Lunch Jun-30-2015 $24.23
Caninos Italian Restau  MHE Training May-29-2015 $206.00
Consuelos Express Llc  MHE Training May-29-2015 $51.00
King Soopers #0099  MHE Training May-29-2015 $177.76
Pizza Casbah  MHE Training May-29-2015 $102.55
Starbucks #06570 Fort Col  MHE Training May-29-2015 $29.90
Pueblo Viejo-Ft Collins  Mtg re: DWRF Project May-29-2015 $31.25
Austins  GU Staff/Team Lunch May-29-2015 $84.00
The Pita Pit  Volunteer Lunch May-29-2015 $95.10
Sanfords Grub & Pub 41  MHE Training May-29-2015 $28.61
King Soopers #0099  MHE Training May-29-2015 $50.51
King Soopers #0099  MHE Training May-29-2015 $99.19
King Soopers #0099  MHE Training May-29-2015 $11.97
[P.O. # 1504120]
Volunteer Meals May-15-2015 $95.03
The Lodge Sasquatch Kitch  Working Lunch Purchase Vi Mar-31-2015 $28.98
The Silver Grill  Volunteer Lunch Purchase Mar-31-2015 $24.05
Bann Thai  Aardrup-Mtg w/Young Purch Feb-27-2015 $25.24
Burger King #7885  Gordon-Boulder Site Visit Jan-30-2015 $25.91
Safeway Store00010710  FortZED Mtg Snacks Purcha Jan-30-2015 $6.73
Beau Jos Management  Earth Tub Meeting Purchas Jan-30-2015 $85.89
Sq *feeding Our Community  Intern Good Bye Lunch Pur Jan-30-2015 $30.00
Coopersmiths Pub & Brewin  Mitchell-Intern Good Bye Jan-30-2015 $34.34
Consuelos Express  Dust Control Mtg Purchase Dec-31-2014 $39.00
The Silver Grill  Dnvr Enrironmental Health Dec-31-2014 $63.83
The Delectable Egg  Doug Ryan Breakfast Purch Dec-31-2014 $18.35
Ever Open Cafe  Volunteer Breakfast Purch Dec-31-2014 $23.97
Spoons Soups & Salads  Mitchell-Bus Lunch Purcha Dec-31-2014 $43.94
Cafe Ardour  Volunteer Mtg Purchase Vi Nov-28-2014 $7.51
Mountain Cafe  Mtg with Doug Ryan Purcha Nov-28-2014 $26.38
Avogadros Number  Intern Thank you Lunch Sep-30-2014 $41.84
Cozzolas Pizza - Downt  WRAP Celebration Mtg Sep-30-2014 $34.80
The Chocolate Cafe  Lunch Mtg w/Parks Sep-30-2014 $29.25
The 415  Intern Thank you Sep-30-2014 $47.80
Mountain Cafe  Volunteer Training Sep-30-2014 $19.02
The Kitchen-Fort Colli  HSH Database Mtg Sep-30-2014 $60.45
Total (of all records): $ 5,881.57