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Departments Environmental Services Education & Training Services
Note: denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
PAYPAL *NORTHERNCOL Bigner-Event Registration Mar-31-2017 $30.00
PMI*PENTON MEDIAWEBNAR Depew-Webinar Training Mar-31-2017 $49.00
CSU OFF-CAMPUS LIFE Mitchell-Housing Fair Reg Feb-28-2017 $24.00
PROGREEN EXPO REGISTRA Archuleta-ProGreen Expo Feb-28-2017 $15.00
PROGREEN EXPO REGISTRA Channel-ProGreen Expo Feb-28-2017 $15.00
EB CLEAN ENERGY CITIE Clean Energy Cities Acade Dec-29-2016 $400.00
ENIGMA ESCAPE ROOMS AQ Team Retreat Dec-29-2016 $260.00
US GREEN BUILD COUNCIL Ex-Continuing Education Dec-29-2016 $175.00
[P.O. # 1608220]
Russo-Solar Training Sep-27-2016 $-1,435.50
ACE EXPRESS COACHES TI Data Training Class Aug-29-2016 $20.00
IAQA Webinar registration Aug-29-2016 $120.00
FEDEXOFFICE 00016022 Data Training Class Aug-29-2016 $401.83
[P.O. # 1608220]
Russo-Solar Training Aug-26-2016 $1,435.50
BIZWEST MEDIA Archuletta-Noco Summit Jul-31-2016 $24.48
PAYPAL *COSWANA Recyling Workshops May-31-2016 $15.00
SUSTAINABLE CITY NETWORK DePew-Webinar Training Apr-29-2016 $242.00
Audible Russo-Training Feb-29-2016 $14.95
GREENHOUSE GAS MANAGEM Archuletta GHG Training C Jan-28-2016 $250.00
Greeley Chamber of Comm Depew-Leadership Training Jan-28-2016 $750.00
COFC RECREATION Lujan-MCR Class Oct-30-2015 $55.00
Certi Radon Training Purchase V Aug-31-2015 $125.00
Planetizen-Urban Insight GB Training Purchase View Aug-31-2015 $149.95
Eb 2015 Urban Sustain GB Training Purchase View Aug-31-2015 $20.00
Paypal Senior Summit May-29-2015 $50.00
Total (of all records): $ 3,206.21