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Departments Social Sustainability Advertising Services
Note: denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
Fort Collins Coloradoan CDBG Action Plan Hearing Jul-31-2015 $143.84
GAN*1021COLORADOANADV Caper Legal Ad Jan-28-2016 $119.96
GAN*1021COLORADOANADV Public Notice Ads Mar-31-2016 $119.96
GAN*1021COLORADOANADV CDBG Public Notices Aug-29-2016 $109.79
GAN*COLORADOAN-CCC CDBG Public Notices Aug-29-2016 $180.48
GAN*1021COLORADOANADV CDBG Public Notices Aug-29-2016 $111.64
GAN*COLORADOAN-CCC HUD Public Notices Oct-28-2016 $121.80
GAN*1021COLORADOANADV Public Notices Nov-30-2016 $99.63
GAN*1021COLORADOANADV Legal Notices Dec-29-2016 $96.86
[P.O. # 1700029]
Action Plan Advertising Jan-03-2017 $122.16
[P.O. # 1701486]
CDBG Legal Notices Feb-13-2017 $241.76
ROCKY MOUNTAIN BUSINESS E CDBG Comission Notices Feb-28-2017 $14.40
GAN*1021COLORADOANADV CDBG Notices Apr-28-2017 $103.32
GAN*1021COLORADOANADV Legal Announcements May-31-2017 $177.71
UNITED WAY OF WELD COUNT Beck-Ferkiss-Homelessness Jun-30-2017 $50.00
GAN*1021COLORADOANADV Public Notice Jun-30-2017 $105.63
GAN*1021COLORADOANADV CDBG Legal Notice Jun-30-2017 $99.17
Total (of all records): $ 2,018.11