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Legend: - denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
Jasons Deli Online  Lincoln Center Cluster Aw Dec-31-2014 $383.97
Jasons Deli  Broadband Mtg Purchase Vi Oct-31-2014 $188.88
Backcountry Provisions  Kendall-FCStartup Mtgs Pu Feb-27-2014 $141.40
Coopersmiths Pub & Brewin  Bolin Farewell Purchase V Oct-31-2014 $140.57
The Egg And I College  Kendall-CEO Breakfast Pur Dec-31-2014 $113.28
The 415  Cluster Mtg Purchase View Nov-29-2013 $107.00
Fort Collins Area Chamber  Leadership FC Dinner Jun-30-2014 $100.00
The Egg And I College  Kitchen Cabinet Mtg Purch Aug-29-2014 $96.17
Backcountry Provisions  CAP Graphics Mtg Purchase Jan-30-2015 $91.40
Ingredient Restaurant  Team Bldg Follow-up Purch Feb-27-2014 $87.92
Jasons Deli  Kendall-NoCo Mfgt Mtg Pur May-30-2014 $85.33
The Egg And I College  Kitchen Cabinet 6/17/14 Jul-31-2014 $84.28
Jasons Deli  Kendall-Mtg w/NCEDC Jul-31-2014 $81.20
Backcountry Provisions  Birks-B Lab Mtg Purchase Dec-31-2014 $74.69
Austins  Birks-Mtg re: Eco Dev Jul-31-2014 $71.90
Safeway Store00015529  Kitchen Cabinet Purchase May-30-2014 $71.46
The Egg And I College  Kitchen Cabinet Purchase May-30-2014 $71.32
The Egg And I College  Kitchen Cabinet Mtg Purch Mar-31-2014 $70.74
Rio Grande Mexican Fort  EHO Firstbank Mtg Apr-30-2014 $59.20
The Egg And I College  Kitchen Cabinet 11/19/13 Dec-30-2013 $55.63
The Egg And I College  Kitchen Cabinet 11/19/13 Jan-31-2014 $55.63
The 415  Birks-mtg re: Bikes Jun-30-2015 $54.50
Cozzolas Pizza - Downt  Carbon Team Mtg Purchase Dec-31-2014 $52.96
Austins  Birks-Cluster Mtg Purchas Jul-31-2015 $52.85
Luciles Creole Cafe  Birks-ICN Meetup Purchase Nov-29-2013 $48.45
The Kitchen-Fort Colli  Kendall-Mtg w/Schneider P Nov-28-2014 $47.00
BJ'S RESTAURANTS 539  Kendall-Business Mtg Oct-30-2015 $46.50
Cozzolas Pizza Downtown  Mtg re: Foothills Purchas Feb-27-2014 $44.40
Snooze  Kendall-Business Mtg Purc Oct-31-2014 $42.75
Austins  Birks-Cowart Mtg Purchase Nov-28-2014 $42.15
Enzios Italian Kitchen  Mtg w Castillo May-29-2015 $41.75
Bjs Restaurants 539  Birks-Business Mtg Jun-30-2014 $40.85
Beau Jos Management  Birks-Cluster Mtg Purchas Apr-30-2015 $40.68
Mainline Llc  Birks-Mg w/Stiles Purchas May-30-2014 $40.21
The 415  Kendall-Creative District Dec-31-2014 $38.45
Rb-Centerra  Kendall-Mtg w/Crop Produc Aug-29-2014 $38.14
Moes Original Bbq Fort Co  Birks-Mtg w/Freeman Purch Feb-27-2015 $38.00
The Kitchen-Fort Colli  Birks-Mtg w/CVB Jun-30-2015 $37.00
Pelican Lakes Country Clu  Kendall-Mtg w/Johnson Pur Apr-30-2015 $36.45
Petro Johnstown  Birks-CWIC Catch Up Purch Jul-31-2015 $36.09
The 415  Birks-EHO Catch UP Purcha Dec-31-2014 $36.00
Austins  Kendall-Mtg re: NoCo Bio May-30-2014 $35.85
Mainline Llc  Birks-Mtg w/Rabon Purchas Aug-31-2015 $35.52
BJ'S RESTAURANTS 539  Birks-Mtg w/Licon Sep-30-2015 $34.94
Enzios Italian Kitchen  Birks-Stiles Mtg Purchase Nov-28-2014 $34.75
Petro Johnstown  Birks-CWIC Mtg Jun-30-2015 $34.58
Austins American Grill  Birks-Mtg re: Airport Pur Mar-31-2015 $34.35
Austins  Kendall-Mtg w/Johnson Jul-31-2014 $34.10
Austins  Kendall-Mtg w/Schneider Jun-30-2015 $34.00
Austins  Birks-Mtg w/Cook Jun-30-2014 $32.40
Total (of all records): $ 4,212.95