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Departments Economic Health Office Meals - Business, Non Travel
Note: denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
Jasons Deli Online Lincoln Center Cluster Aw Dec-31-2014 $383.97
JAY'S BISTRO Kendall-Business Mtg Apr-29-2016 $295.00
The Egg And I College Kendall-CEO Breakfast Pur Dec-31-2014 $113.28
VINCENTS Kendall-Business Mtg Apr-29-2016 $99.00
Backcountry Provisions CAP Graphics Mtg Purchase Jan-30-2015 $91.40
THE 415 Birks-Business Mtg Jun-30-2016 $84.00
BACKCOUNTRY PROVISIONS Broadband Obj Mtg Dec-29-2015 $82.35
Backcountry Provisions Birks-B Lab Mtg Purchase Dec-31-2014 $74.69
RIO GRANDE MEXICAN FORT Birks-Ricketts Onboarding Jan-28-2016 $55.00
The 415 Birks-mtg re: Bikes Jun-30-2015 $54.50
CB AND POTTS FT. COLLINS Birks-Business Mtg Oct-28-2016 $53.27
ENZIOS ITALIAN KITCHEN Birks-Business Mtg Mar-31-2016 $53.05
Cozzolas Pizza - Downt Carbon Team Mtg Purchase Dec-31-2014 $52.96
Austins Birks-Cluster Mtg Purchas Jul-31-2015 $52.85
AUSTINS AMERICAN GRILL Kendall-Business Mtg Apr-29-2016 $52.00
BACKCOUNTRY PROVISIONS Houghteling-Cluster Mtg Sep-30-2016 $50.25
Austins Birks-EAC Catch Up Nov-30-2015 $50.00
The Kitchen-Fort Colli Kendall-Mtg w/Schneider P Nov-28-2014 $47.00
BJ'S RESTAURANTS 539 Kendall-Business Mtg Oct-30-2015 $46.50
PUEBLO VIEJO-FT COLLINS Birks-Business Mtg Sep-30-2016 $46.02
CHARCO BROILER Birks-EAC Planning May-31-2016 $45.23
SNOOZE Birks-URA Mtg Feb-29-2016 $44.00
ENZIOS ITALIAN KITCHEN Birks-EAC Team Mtg Dec-29-2015 $42.44
Austins Birks-Cowart Mtg Purchase Nov-28-2014 $42.15
Austins Birks-LFC Mtg Feb-29-2016 $42.05
Enzios Italian Kitchen Mtg w Castillo May-29-2015 $41.75
PUEBLO VIEJO-FT COLLINS Birks-EAC Planning Mtg Jan-28-2016 $41.56
Beau Jos Management Birks-Cluster Mtg Purchas Apr-30-2015 $40.68
ILLEGAL PETES Birks-Business Mtg Dec-29-2015 $40.37
The 415 Kendall-Creative District Dec-31-2014 $38.45
Moes Original Bbq Fort Co Birks-Mtg w/Freeman Purch Feb-27-2015 $38.00
COOPERSMITHS PUB & BREWIN Birks-Business Mtg Feb-29-2016 $38.00
The Kitchen-Fort Colli Birks-Mtg w/CVB Jun-30-2015 $37.00
Pelican Lakes Country Clu Kendall-Mtg w/Johnson Pur Apr-30-2015 $36.45
Petro Johnstown Birks-CWIC Catch Up Purch Jul-31-2015 $36.09
The 415 Birks-EHO Catch UP Purcha Dec-31-2014 $36.00
Mainline Llc Birks-Mtg w/Rabon Purchas Aug-31-2015 $35.52
AUSTINS AMERICAN GRILL Birks-Business Mtg Oct-28-2016 $35.15
BJ'S RESTAURANTS 539 Birks-Mtg w/Licon Sep-30-2015 $34.94
BAR LOUIE FT. COLL Kendall-Business Mtg Mar-31-2016 $34.93
Enzios Italian Kitchen Birks-Stiles Mtg Purchase Nov-28-2014 $34.75
Petro Johnstown Birks-CWIC Mtg Jun-30-2015 $34.58
Austins American Grill Birks-Mtg re: Airport Pur Mar-31-2015 $34.35
AVERY BREWING COMPANY Birks-Business Mtg Jun-30-2016 $34.16
Austins Kendall-Mtg w/Schneider Jun-30-2015 $34.00
[P.O. # 1605963]
Birks-Business Mtg Jun-24-2016 $33.60
Austins Kendall-Mtg w/Atchison Nov-30-2015 $33.15
BEAU JO'S MANAGEMENT Birks-CWIC Mtg Dec-29-2015 $32.59
SNOOZE Birks-Cluster Mtg Mar-31-2016 $32.50
Moes Original Bbq Fort Co Birks-Working Lunch Purch Feb-27-2015 $32.30
THE SILVER GRILL Birks-Mtg w/Kelly Sep-30-2015 $32.27
THE SILVER GRILL Birks-Business Mtg Jun-30-2016 $31.75
TORTILLA MARISSAS Birks-Rephio Mtg Dec-29-2015 $31.36
CAFE BLUEBIRD Birks-Mtg w/Reznik Jul-31-2016 $31.15
Blue Agave Grill Birks-Rephlo Mtg Purchase Nov-28-2014 $30.27
Charco Broiler Birks-Mtg w/Solt Purchase Aug-31-2015 $30.00
THE KITCHEN-FORT COLLI Kendall-Business Mtg Jan-28-2016 $30.00
Austins Kendall-Business Mtg Mar-31-2016 $30.00
Moes Original Bbq Fort Co Birks/Kendall 1x1 Purchas Dec-31-2014 $29.62
PUEBLO VIEJO-FT COLLINS Birks-Business Mtg Jun-30-2016 $28.90
LA LUZ MEXICAN GRILL Birks-Mtg w/Hutchinson Sep-30-2015 $28.61
EAST MOON ASIAN BISTRO Birks-Airport Mtg Apr-29-2016 $28.45
SQ *WALTZING KANGAR Birks-Mtg w/Kelly May-31-2016 $28.34
Taj Mahal Restaurant Kendall-Business Mtg Purc Mar-31-2015 $27.00
AVOGADROS NUMBER Birks-FCSG Mtg Dec-29-2015 $26.82
Pueblo Viejo-Ft Collins Birks-Mtg re: Innovation Jul-31-2015 $26.21
CAFE BLUEBIRD Kendall-Business Mtg Jul-31-2016 $25.00
La Luz Mexican Grill Kendall-Biz App Planning Jan-30-2015 $24.82
CAFE VINO Houghteling-Business Mtg Oct-28-2016 $24.50
Pueblo Viejo-Ft Collins Birks-Freeman Mtg Purchas Nov-28-2014 $24.00
Ramen Master Birks-Mtg w/Decoursey Pur Mar-31-2015 $23.67
THE EGG AND I REST. #301 Kendall-Business Mtg Mar-31-2016 $21.32
PUEBLO VIEJO-FT COLLINS Birks-Freeman Mtg Dec-29-2015 $21.00
LAEC ECON COUNCIL Kendall-Longmont Economic Feb-29-2016 $20.00
BACKCOUNTRY PROVISIONS Houghteling-IEP Mtg Jan-28-2016 $19.55
Little Bird Bake Shop Birks-Robenalt Monthly Jun-30-2015 $13.06
LITTLE BIRD BAKE SHOP Birks-Robenault Monthly Nov-30-2015 $13.06
LITTLE BIRD BAKE SHOP Birks-Business Mtg Oct-28-2016 $13.06
Sq *c Cubed Inc. Dba Dazb Birks-Mtg re: VBS Program Jul-31-2015 $10.52
Panera Bread #3079 Birks-Mtg w/Meyer Purchas Aug-31-2015 $10.52
Backcountry Provisions EHO Work Plan Mtg Purchas Dec-31-2014 $9.95
Little Bird Bake Shop Birks-Mtg w/Meyer Purchas Jul-31-2015 $8.60
STARBUCKS STORE 02202 Birks-Mtg re New Prospect Jul-31-2016 $7.84
Wild Boar Coffee Birks-Business Mtg Purcha Aug-31-2015 $7.73
Sq *starry Night Espresso Birks-Mtg w/Atchison May-29-2015 $7.18
Little Bird Bake Shop Birks-Robenalt 1x1 Purcha Nov-28-2014 $6.62
Little Bird Bake Shop Josh & Matt 1x1 Purchase Jan-30-2015 $6.37
LITTLE BIRD BAKE SHOP Birks-Mtg w/Robenault May-31-2016 $6.37
LITTLE BIRD BAKE SHOP Birks-Business Mtg Jun-30-2016 $6.37
LITTLE BIRD BAKE SHOP Birks-Business Mtg Aug-29-2016 $6.37
LITTLE BIRD BAKE SHOP Birks-Mtg w/Robenault Jul-31-2016 $6.12
SQ *DAZBOG COFFEE Birks-Business Mtg Sep-30-2016 $6.09
SQ *MUGS @ THE OVAL Birks-Mtg wRabon May-31-2016 $6.00
SQ *DAZBOG COFFEE Birks-Business Mtg Aug-29-2016 $5.73
Sq *c Cubed Inc. - Dazbog Birks-Mtg w/Watson Purcha Jan-30-2015 $5.59
Sq *starry Night Espresso Birks-Stevis Mtg Purchase Nov-28-2014 $5.51
STARBUCKS Birks-Business Mtg Oct-28-2016 $4.60
Total (of all records): $ 3,801.70