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Open Book: City of Fort Collins Spending Transparency

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Legend: - denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
The Canyon Chop House  NetZero Cities Dinner Pur Nov-30-2012 $514.80
Jimmy Johns - 1615  Birks-Mtg re: Mall Purcha Feb-28-2013 $265.30
Jimmy Johns - 1615  Aug Board Mtg Purchase Vi Sep-28-2012 $227.36
[P.O. # 1300407]
Birks-Commercial Brokers Lunch Jan-10-2013 $225.00
The Egg And I College  Breweries Water Restricti Apr-30-2013 $203.90
Austins  ES Business Lunch Purchas Oct-31-2012 $154.41
Corner Bakery Cafe1531  03/04/13 Mall Discussions Apr-30-2013 $144.80
Backcountry Provisions  Hendee-Critical Items Mtg Dec-28-2012 $116.50
The Egg And I College  Kitchen Cabinet Mtg Month Oct-31-2012 $113.56
Austins  Birks-Mtg w/Leeson Jan-31-2013 $105.56
Enzios Italian Kitchen  PSO Global & Spirae Jan-31-2013 $102.74
Backcountry Provisions  Mtg re: Transmission Line Feb-28-2013 $101.90
Ingredient Restaurant  Project A Mtg Purchase Vi Aug-31-2012 $92.50
Jimmy Johns - 1130  Birks-Business Mtg Dec-28-2012 $86.58
The 415  Kendall-TIP Cluster Repor Nov-30-2012 $86.00
Pueblo Viejo-Ft Collins  EHO Team Lunch Purchase V Feb-28-2013 $79.25
Sonny Lubick Steakhouse  Birks-Mtg w/Atteberry & D Nov-30-2012 $74.21
The Egg And I College  EHO Kitchen Cabinet Dec-28-2012 $73.36
Bent Fork Grill Loveland  Birks-Catch up Mtg Jan-31-2013 $72.58
Austins  Birks-Business Mtg Mar-28-2013 $65.55
Ft Collins Area Chamber  LNC Workforce Lunch Apr-30-2013 $60.00
Corner Bakery Cafe1531  Hendee-Business Mtg Mar-28-2013 $55.34
Denver Metro Chamber Of C  Kendall-Business Mtg Purc Oct-31-2012 $55.00
Backcountry Provisions  Candidate Interviews Mar-28-2013 $55.00
The Egg And I College  Bruce, Mike, Rocky and Wa Apr-30-2013 $47.60
Choice City Butcher & Del  Hendee-Mtg re: FortZED Pu Feb-28-2013 $46.25
Zquila Mexican Restaurant  Hendee-Mtg re: FortZED Mar-28-2013 $46.00
The Egg And I College  Kitchen Cabinet Breakfast Sep-28-2012 $45.13
Jays American Bistro  Birks-Mtg w Avago Rep Pur Nov-30-2012 $44.50
The Egg And I College  Hendee-Mtg w/ R Scott Pur Nov-30-2012 $42.13
Austins American Grill  Birks-Cluster Mtg Purchas Sep-28-2012 $42.10
Choice City Butcher & Del  FortZED Mtg Dec-28-2012 $41.75
Snooze An Am Eatery  Hendee-Business Mtg Purch Sep-28-2012 $40.35
Snooze An Am Eatery  Birks-Business Mtg Mar-28-2013 $40.00
Austins  Hendee-Poppaw CDBG & Aff Nov-30-2012 $38.60
Austins  Hendee-Atteberry 1x1 Purc Nov-30-2012 $37.60
Ingredient Restaurant  Birks-Mtg w/Trebuchet Gro Oct-31-2012 $35.85
Enzios Italian Kitchen  Birks-Mtg w/Atteberry & T Oct-31-2012 $35.52
Backcountry Provisions  03/25/13 LNG check-In Hen Apr-30-2013 $35.50
The Park  Purchase The Park Purchas Oct-31-2012 $34.00
Snooze An Am Eatery  Hendee-NZC Mtg Purchase V Aug-31-2012 $33.50
Backcountry Provisions  Hendee-Mtg w/Mike and Dou Sep-28-2012 $32.85
Enzios Italian Kitchen  Birks-Mtg w/Reznik Purcha Sep-28-2012 $32.03
Jimmy Johns Gourmet Sanwh  Bolin-Mtg re: Midtown Mar-28-2013 $31.79
Enzios Italian Kitchen  Birks-Mtg w/Roeder Mar-28-2013 $31.62
Dougs Day Diner  Birks-Mtg w/Freeman Purch Sep-28-2012 $30.99
Cafe Bluebird  Hendee-Business Mtg Jan-31-2013 $30.71
Coopersmiths Pub & Brewin  Hendee-mtg w/Friedman Pur Feb-28-2013 $29.75
Taipan Restaurant  Birs-Foothills Mtg Jan-31-2013 $29.62
Youngs Cafe Vietnamese  Hendee-NetZero Cities Mtg Aug-31-2012 $29.47
Total (of all records): $ 4,083.23