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Departments Investigations Advertising Services
Note: denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
GAN*1021COLORADOANCIRC Purchase GAN Oct-28-2016 $8.00
GAN*1021COLORADOANCIRC Purchase GAN Sep-30-2016 $8.00
CRAFT TROPHY & RIBBONS Purchase CRAFT TROPHY & R Aug-29-2016 $121.35
GAN*1021COLORADOANCIRC Purchase GAN Aug-29-2016 $8.00
COLORADO CLASSIFIEDS Ad for JAG announcement Jul-31-2016 $11.44
GAN*1021COLORADOANCIRC Purchase GAN Jul-31-2016 $8.00
[P.O. # 1606463]
Notice of Public Hearing Not Jul-11-2016 $21.55
GAN*1021COLORADOANCIRC Coloradoan on-line no rec Jun-30-2016 $8.00
GAN*1021COLORADOANCIRC Coloradoan May-31-2016 $8.00
GAN*1021COLORADOANCIRC Coloradoan no receipt Apr-29-2016 $8.00
GAN*1021COLORADOANCIRC Purchase GAN Mar-31-2016 $8.00
GAN*1021COLORADOANCIRC Coloradoan no monthly rec Jan-28-2016 $8.00
GAN*1021COLORADOANCIRC Monthly coloradoan no mon Nov-30-2015 $8.00
GAN*1021COLORADOANCIRC Web based subscription Co Sep-30-2015 $8.00
Colorado Classifieds Purchase Colorado Classif Jul-31-2015 $11.44
Gan Purchase Gan Purchase Vie Jul-31-2015 $8.00
Fort Collins Coloradoan Purchase Fort Collins Col Jul-31-2015 $23.44
Gan Purchase Gan Jun-30-2015 $8.00
Gan Purchase Gan Purchase Vie Nov-28-2014 $7.36
Total (of all records): $ 300.58