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Open Book: City of Fort Collins Spending Transparency

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Expense Type Department Date Amount
Other Prof & Tech Services Utility Financial Operations Mar-25-2015 $275.00
Other Prof & Tech Services Non Departmental Dec-12-2013 $1,000.00
Other Prof & Tech Services Non Departmental Jun-20-2014 $1,000.00
Other Prof & Tech Services Non Departmental Feb-10-2015 $1,000.00
Interest Parks May-28-2015 $15,343.50
Interest Parks Nov-27-2013 $18,335.00
Interest Parks May-30-2014 $18,335.00
Interest Downtown Development Authority May-28-2015 $19,714.29
Interest Downtown Development Authority Nov-27-2013 $24,281.53
Interest Downtown Development Authority May-30-2014 $24,281.53
Interest Non Departmental May-28-2015 $79,005.21
Interest Non Departmental Nov-27-2013 $97,290.15
Interest Non Departmental May-30-2014 $97,308.47
Principal Parks May-30-2014 $155,000.00
Principal Parks May-28-2015 $175,000.00
Principal Downtown Development Authority May-30-2014 $236,644.50
Principal Downtown Development Authority May-28-2015 $243,634.00
Principal Non Departmental May-30-2014 $948,355.50
Principal Non Departmental May-28-2015 $976,366.00
Total: $ 3,132,169.68