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Open Book: City of Fort Collins Spending Transparency

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Expense Type Department Date Amount
Other Prof & Tech Services Comm. & Public Involvement Aug-25-2014 $100.00
Communications Equipment Comm. & Public Involvement Jan-12-2015 $130.43
Communications Equipment Comm. & Public Involvement Jun-12-2015 $195.95
Conference and Travel Downtown Development Authority Feb-09-2015 $200.00
Contractual Labor Recreation Jul-29-2014 $315.00
Food & Related for Programs Library District Jul-10-2013 $500.00
Grants Cultural Services Aug-21-2014 $500.00
Contractual Labor Recreation Jul-29-2013 $1,168.00
Donations and Sponsorships Comm. & Public Involvement Apr-10-2015 $40,000.00
Total: $ 43,109.38