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MAX Construction Alerts

Note: As construction of the MAX Bus Rapid Transit system nears completion, impacts to the traveling public are minimal. Alerts and news will be emailed as needed. MAX will be ready to ride May 10, 2014!

Spring Creek Trail Overpass -

The overpass will not be ready for pedestrian use until May as crews continue ramp tower construction, pour concrete bridge deck and crosswalk, and do finish work. Please note: Construction on the overpass will continue in this area. Trail users: Please slow down, avoid distractions and proceed with caution while travelling through the construction zone. We thank you for your patience.

Testing & Training -

Testing and training will occur at MAX stations now through May 10, 2014. Before you can ride MAX, system and drivers training occurs to ensure smooth, safe operations.  Traffic impacts will be minimal – watch for the big green MAX bus entering and exiting the guideway.   Also watch for the “Buses Exempt” turn lanes and “Do Not Enter” signs at guideway intersections along the route.

Safety Reminder -

The new MAX guideway is for buses and authorized vehicles and personnel only. Bicycles, pedestrians, skateboarders, roller bladers, joggers and other recreational or transportation equipment are never allowed on the guideway. Trespassing on the guideway is an enforceable offense by the City of Fort Collins Police.

Project Hotline -

Updates are also provided through the construction hotline at 970-416-2617.

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