Koresh Dance Company

Thu, October 23

Koresh Dance Company

Koresh Dance Company was founded in Philadelphia in 1991, and is widely recognized for its superb technique and emotionally-compelling appeal. It presents bi-annual home seasons as the resident dance company of the Suzanne Roberts Theatre, and has toured in over 38 states and 7 countries.

In their program Come Together, the curtain raises to the full 10 member Koresh Dance Company clad in white for the celebratory work Home to the music of the Idan Raichel Project. This introductory piece sets the tone for this compelling work which juxtaposes Middle Eastern music with classical favorites, sharing with the audience both the grounded, driving, earthy rhythms of the old world with the ethereal, heavenly, sounds of the new.

Enjoy both the sweeping circle patterns and gesture drawn from Israeli folk dance, as well as, stunning athleticism as the Koresh dancers seamlessly shift between classical, folk and pedestrian movement styles. All the while the audience takes a musical journey with composers from Israel and Turkey set alongside Chopin, Beethoven, Ravel and more. 

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Lincoln Center Performance Hall

$29 Series Package/Group
$32 Regular
$16 Student


  • Oct 23 - 7:30pm


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