How much does it cost to rent the room for an event? - For all special & corporate events the rooms rent by the hour with a four hour minimum. Wedding rentals are at flat rates for half & full days. Each theatre space has an all day rental rate. See the Rental Rate sheets for details.

What is included in the rental fee? The rental fee includes a dedicated event concierge at your event, customized room set-up, round tables (6ft and 3ft), rectangle tables (6ft x 2ft), cocktail tables, chairs, 1 stage, black table skirting, limited audio/visual equipment (microphones, CD players, projection screen), and WiFi.

Do you have additional equipment for event rental? Yes, we have several items available to rent at an additional cost; Table linens (white, black & special event colors), Linen napkins (white, black & special event colors), Coffee and tea service, Blu-ray player, Portable sound system, Video projector, Electric keyboard and more! Please see Rental Rate sheets for details.

I noticed some rental items have an additional 15% added to the cost, why is that? This surcharge is Lincoln Center's fee for arranging these rentals with outside companies. However, our good standing and frequent use has allowed rental companies to give us a significant discount, which ultimately saves you money.

What is required in order to confirm a reservation? A Non-refundable/non-transferable advance deposit is required to hold any and all dates. Client must make full payment of contract balance and return fully signed Confirmation to the Lincoln Center no later than 48 hours after receiving the Confirmation. Failure to comply with contracting deadlines will result in release of any and all held date(s) and forfeiture of any advance payments up to an amount equal to the amount of the room rent plus any additional hard expenses incurred by Lincoln Center as a direct result of the event, including but not limited to orders placed to outside vendors.

When does event/layout information need to be submitted to LINCOLN CENTER? The customer is required to finalize their event at least 30 (thirty) days prior to the event date. After that, any changes to the event contract will be subject to an additional charge.

What is the maximum number of guests that the rooms can accommodate?
Room capacity is based on event type and room set with spaces/accommodation for up to 500 guests; all numbers are subject to change depending on the individual room set. Please contact the Event Coordinator for details.

Do I need to rent additional time for decorating, set-up and/or clean-up? Yes. Please include all time needed before and/or after your event in your total reserved time slot.

What is the latest time that an event must end? - Lincoln Center requires all customers and their guests to be out of the building at midnight (12:00am). Most events must end at 11:00pm in order to complete clean up and exit by midnight.

Does LINCOLN CENTER permit outside catering? Yes. Lincoln Center does not have an in-house caterer. Please choose from the list of Approved Caterers.

What if my caterer is not on the LINCOLN CENTER Approved Caterers List? All caterers are welcome to apply to be on Lincoln Center' Approved Caterers List. Applications must be received thirty (30) days prior to event date to be accepted. 

If I am renting the Terrace or Rooftop Deck, what happens if it rains or snows? The Lincoln Center highly recommends that all clients renting an outdoor space also contract an indoor backup location at the time of contracting the outdoor space. The backup space will be charged at standard rates and fees and must be paid for in advance at the time of initial contracting. Lincoln Center cannot guarantee the availability of a back-up space in the event of inclement weather without the advance contracting of a back-up space. In the event that an event is moved to an available back-up space without prior advance contracting, standard rates and applicable charges will apply. The client will be fully responsible for all contracted charges regardless of inclement weather. No refunds will be issued for both the originally contracted outdoor space or back-up space in the event either isn't used.

How much does it cost to use LINCOLN CENTER dishes and what is included? Lincoln Center tableware can be rented at $3 per guest. It includes a white dinner plate, appetizer plate, dessert plate, cup and saucer, water goblet and 4-piece flatware per guest. The customer's caterer is responsible for setting, bussing and scraping all dishes; Lincoln Center is responsible for washing all dishes. There is absolutely no self-service dish use. In the event the caterer is not responsible for clean-up an outside contractor can be arranged for an added cost or the client may opt to provide a compostable/recyclable option.

Does LINCOLN CENTER permit clients to provide alcohol for their events? No. All events must use the Lincoln Center Bar Service, Sapphire Events, LLC. No outside alcohol may be brought in.

Can I have a cash bar? Yes. Lincoln Center permits both a cash or hosted bar. See Sapphire Event's brochure for more details.

Can I have a bar at a party for kids or students? Yes, Lincoln Center allows bars at youth oriented events (i.e. graduations, birthday parties, Quinceneras, christenings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs). However, liability insurance and security guards (Cost + 15%) arranged by the Lincoln Center are required. Bars for youth oriented receptions are limited to four hours only.

What happens if I need to cancel my event? Cancellations must be submitted in writing via letter, fax or email and received by Lincoln Center no later than 48 hours prior to contracted date, and will result in forfeiture of previous payments up to an amount equal to the amount of the room rent plus any additional hard expenses incurred by Lincoln Center as a direct result of the event, including but not limited to orders placed to outside vendors.

How do I reschedule my event? The client's ability to reschedule a contracted event is at the sole discretion of Lincoln Center management and cannot be guaranteed. If a reschedule is permitted, it will be treated as a cancellation of the existing event arrangements. Previous payments, as described under "Cancellations" above, will not be credited to the rescheduled event, but will be retained by the City as payment for the reschedule. The client will be responsible for paying the standard rental rate(s)/fees and/or other applicable charges for the new rescheduled date.

Is there a charge for parking? No. All parking around the Lincoln Center is free with no hourly restrictions. However, there are several business & residential parking lots and structures adjacent to the Lincoln Center which may have certain restrictions and we encourage you and your guest to familiarize yourself with any signage.