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Older Windows Can Be Energy Efficient!

It can take almost 40 years to recoup in energy savings what was spent to replace windows. With some easy maintenance and repairs, your unique, historic windows can last the test of time!

  1. Retro-fitting and repairing, rather than replacing, older windows conserves energy already expended to create them.
  2. Saving your windows reduces waste and impacts on our landfills.
  3. Saving your windows not only preserves the historic integrety of your home - may be able to save you money!
  4. It is easy to adapt your historic windows with energy saving features without destroying important "historic fabric"

Tax Credit for Saving Your Home's Original Windows

Storm windows and doors can qualify for the $1,500 stimulus tax credit for energy efficient home improvements.

  • Eligible storm windows/doors must have a U-value of 0.30 or lower and a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.30 or lower
  • The U-value can only really be tested after you purchase and install the storm window/door.

Please visit the Energy Star page for more information.

Sustainable Historic Window Resources

The links below offer additonal information on preserving your older windows.