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Historic Preservation

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Historic Preservation Process Improvements Study

About the study

At the direction of City Council, in 2011, City staff began a two-part study of its historic preservation codes and processes, with a goal of increasing the transparency, predictability and effectiveness of the Historic Preservation Program. Phase One of this study was completed in 2012, when Council adopted several code revisions. These added an appeal process for determinations on properties undergoing historic review, and provided for timely public notice, through the posting of signs and by publishing findings in the newspaper and on web pages; and added additional specificity to Landmark Preservation Commission experience requirements.

Phase Two, which is now wrapping up, has involved a more comprehensive look at the Historic Preservation Program. It has included, in part, convening a Citizens Advisory Committee, representing major stakeholders; a comparison of historic preservation best practices in twenty-two communities in Colorado and across the nation; an on-line survey of nearly 2,800 owners and neighbors of properties experiencing Historic Review; and meetings with community organizations and City boards.

These outreach efforts identified many process improvements and to the Land Use Code and to Chapters 2 and 14 of the Municipal Code revisions, which are now being implemented.

Process and Schedule

The next steps in the project are to gather additional public comment before finalizing the changes.  Public outreach will take place to invite anyone interested to provide input and feedback. There have been several public meetings about the project and there are more public engagement opportunities to come:

  • Open House, January 28, 2014 5-7 p.m., 215 N. Mason Community Room
  • Landmark Preservation Commission Meeting, February 12, 2014 City Council Chambers
  • Planning and Zoning Board Meeting, February 13, 2014, City Council Chambers
  • City Council First Reading, April 1, 2014, City Council Chambers


Karen McWilliams | Historic Preservation Planner
City of Fort Collins
970-224-6078 | a21jd2lsbGlhbXNAZmNnb3YuY29t

Josh Weinberg | Historic Preservation Planner
City of Fort Collins
970-221-6206 | andlaW5iZXJnQGZjZ292LmNvbQ==