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Historic Preservation

Simply, the way to get a document is to either download a copy here, or buy hardcopies or cds from our FedEx Office DocStore. Documents listed in the table below are in alphabetical order by title. For current maps, please use FCMaps, our online mapping tool or contact GIS.

While you can download all these plans for free, you might be surprised on how economical FedEx Office's prices are for a hardcopy, especially when you consider the download times and cost of ink.

Click on the FedEx's logo to jump to our FedEx Office DocStore. There you will be guided through the steps to purchase hardcopies or cds of our documents. You can purchase multiple copies of the same document, or one copy of several documents. Prices vary, corresponding to the particular document's length and color pages. You can even get a high resolution, color PDF of a document on cd for easy storage for $5 per document.

Brief Description Design Guidelines for Historic Old Town Fort Collins - October 1, 1981
30 pgs | 1.6m
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City of Fort Collins Image
Description: Design guidelines for the designated Old Town Historic District.
Brief Description Historic Resources Preservation Program Plan - April 1994
218 pgs | 38.7m
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City of Fort Collins Image $8.96

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