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The City of Fort Collins is a leader in advancing "green building" in Fort Collins and Colorado. In 2007, a group of City staff and community members helped develop a vision and "roadmap" for green building in Fort Collins.

Simply put, the City’s vision underscores the basic definition of green building: Designed, constructed and operated to provide maximum benefit to people, prosperity and our planet.

The City and many others throughout the community believe the benefits of green building will improve our community and the world in which we live.

  • Green buildings conserve natural resources and improve environmental quality – both indoors and out.
  • Green buildings demonstrate a reduced carbon footprint, energy efficiency, water conservation, waste minimization, resource–efficient materials, pollution prevention and improved indoor air quality.
  • Green–building practices extend these concepts to the entire built environment for the life cycle of new and existing buildings, their surrounding sites and transit interconnections.

The website is part of the City’s Green Building Program to coordinate existing programs and services that support green–building principles.

View Roadmap (PDF, 356KB)