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Codes & Standards - Green Development

Municipal Code: Sections 12–120, 12–121 and 12–122 of the City Code related to Resource Conservation and private property owner rights to use resource saving devices or techniques under certain conditions.
View Municipal Code: Sections 12–120, 12–121 and 12–122

City Plan: Illustrates how we envision Fort Collins over the next 17 years to the year 2025 – and shows us how we can get there, step–by–step.
View City Plan

Structure Plan: Focuses on the City’s physical form and development pattern. It sets forth a basic framework, showing how Fort Collins should grow and evolve over the next 20 years.
View Structure Plan (PDF, 308KB)

Zoning Map: Shows zone districts tied to Article 4 of the Land Use Code.
View Zoning Map

Land Use/Zoning District Matrix: Provides a quick reference to the uses allowed within each Zoning District of the City’s Land Use Code.
View Land Use/Zoning District Matrix

Fort Collins Land Use Code: Establishes regulations pertaining to development within the City.
View Fort Collins Land Use Code

Fort Collins Building Codes: The City is currently operating under the 2009 International Codes.
View City Building Codes