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Development & Redevelopment

With broad participation from citizens, business people and public officials, the City of Fort Collins created a comprehensive plan called City Plan, our community’s vision for its future growth.

Last updated by City Council in 2004, City Plan forms the basis for the City’ Land Use Code (LUC), created to establish regulations pertaining to development. Fort Collins development is divided into several categories beyond existing and new homes and businesses: single–family residential; multi-family residential; commercial; retail; industrial and institutional uses. All City development has to comply with the following documents:

Development Review helps ensure each new development, like a piece of the puzzle, aligns with our community’s vision for Fort Collins. The Development Review Guide maps out the process for completing new projects.

Goals and policies of City Plan align with the principles of New Urbanism.

  • Compact land–use patterns consisting of a primary, vital downtown and other supporting districts that serve as focal points and centers of activity;
  • Variety of pleasant residential neighborhoods and places linked by inviting streetscapes, walkways and open lands;
  • Preservation of environmentally sensitive areas and rural lands;
  • Efficient provision of public facilities and services;
  • Encouragement of infill and redevelopment of existing urban areas planned for such upgrading;
  • Creation of a distinct urban ambience.