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New Business

In constructing a new commercial building, green building is an integrated process that considers all phases of a project, including project design, site preparation, construction, furnishing, and landscaping. As such, hundreds of different techniques and products can be used.

The design and construction of high–performance, energy–smart buildings offers tangible benefits to building owners, occupants and our community.

The greatest opportunities for incorporating energy efficiency and sustainability into a building come in the design phase. However, additional opportunities exist during construction and renovation. Sometimes, renovating an existing building rather than building a new one can be an environmentally friendly choice because it does not disturb the natural environment or require new infrastructure.

Every building becomes an "existing" building after construction is complete.

On–going operation and maintenance strategies are essential to continue green building performance.

Where to start:

  • Set clear and measurable targets for building performance.
  • Look for design and construction professionals with proven experience in green building.
  • Check out the green your New Business programs and services.