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Green a Business

Energy represents 30 percent of the typical office building’s costs and is the single largest operating expense.

The buildings in which we work affect our health and environment in countless ways. The green–building approach to constructing a new commercial building and managing energy usage in new and existing commercial buildings saves money and energy, improves comfort, promotes high performance and fights global warming.

The City of Fort Collins’ Green Building Program offers many strategies for green construction of commercial buildings and tips on how a business owner of new and existing commercial buildings can track and assess energy and water consumption.

Benefits of greening your business:

  • Save money: Energy consumption reductions of 35 percent or more through efficiency measures and building operation strategies;
  • Increase value: The asset value of green buildings is higher than standard buildings, resulting in better return on investment;
  • Better productivity: The improved health and comfort of green buildings makes for higher employee satisfaction and performance.
  • More sustainable: green businesses reduce the impacts on consumption of materials, energy and water.