• Dancing Aspens by Reven Marie Swanson.

  • Battle Born by Jordan Marsh.

  • Emergence by Jade Wendell.

  • Agogo Grow by Maureen Hearty.

ARTiculture 2013


Artist Statements

Agogo Grow – Maureen Hearty
"Agogo Grow is an interactive sound sculpture based off the 2-toned samba percussive instrument that was historically used to gather community. Agogo Grow is a statement on if community gathers together the community will grow together."

Battle Born – Jordan Marsh
"This piece is the result of 6 years and countless hours in the studio. I wanted a humanoid figure that was dynamic from all angles and truly conveyed emotion to the viewer."

Dancing Aspens – Reven Marie Swanson
"I’m an avid gardener. When I visited the Gardens at Spring Creek, I was inspired and impressed. I wanted to create a unique installation that provides a colorful canopy in the gardens – bring color year round."

Emergence – Jade Wendell
"The name Emergence says it all. This was my second sculpture after receiving a scholarship to the Marble institute of Colorado where I found my true passion. This sculpture represents the emergence of a sculptor."

Nautilus Bow – Larry Pryor
"An easy way to add movement and interest to the garden."

Ostrich – Dale Montagne
"The Ostrich is about humor and I was surprised to see the affect animals have in delighting people. I actually think animals reflect some aspects of human personalities. You'll see the Ostrich face in glass compositions later reflecting human attributes. It makes me smile using my pieces with photo moments."

Serena – LeAnn and Merle Harding
"Lovely rocks lovingly assembled. Calming, Peaceful. Intriguing."

Taksati – Charlotte Zink
"This is one in a series of sculptures I have been working on since 2006. Each of the simple female figures holds and houses in their core center a shape, or form or symbol. I love the simplicity of the loose, abstract female silhouette and the suggestions and directions the different center components can bring to each piece. "Taksati " has an intricate clay totem pole rising up through center. I found the title "Taksati" from 15th century Latin - textura," web, texture, structure, network", and the root "tek" meaning to make."

The Giving Tree – Robert Henderson
"Water is not a requirement to realize the eternal beauty of nature. This organic tree gives to the viewer and requires nothing but the five senses."

Tree of Balance – Louis DeAngelis
"The Tree of Balance is based on Japanese calligraphy in which each symbol from the top down represents Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Matrix of the material world. It is important more than ever that these attributes be in balance with each other."

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