• The Xeric Parkway Strip in early May. Photo courtesy of Richard Ernst.

  • Early spring blooms. Photo courtesy of Patrica Carey.

Xeric Parkway Strip

Xeric Plants for Tough Conditions

Designed by nationally recognized landscape designer and garden author, Lauren Springer-Ogden, this Parkway Strip showcases xeric plants that thrive in the hot, often inhospitable area sandwiched between the street and the sidewalk (many call this area the "hell strip").

Lauren developed her vision for planting a "hell strip" in her first book, The Undaunted Garden. The Gardens wanted to share this vision with visitors because so many homeowners have this same difficult planting situation. Visitors who take the time to see this garden, located along Rolland Moore Drive to the south of The Gardens, are amazed at the number of plants that can grow with limited irrigation in this tough situation.

As with all of Lauren's designs, this garden is full of color and interesting textures:

  • Thousands of bulbs begin bursting through the still-cold ground of later winter
  • Succulent groundcovers spread throughout the planting as a living mulch
  • Summer brings an explosion of color as Penstemons, Agastaches, Veronicas, yarrow, and flax burst into bloom
  • Yuccas add architectural interest with their sword-like foliage

This is a garden that is worth seeing! When exiting The Gardens, turn south on Centre Avenue and then immediately west on Rolland Moore Drive. Walk the length of Rolland Moore to enjoy the "hell strip".

If you enjoy ornamental gardening and would like to help us keep Lauren Springer-Ogden Parkway Strip beautiful, consider volunteering with Social Gardeners. Social Gardeners help out in all the ornamental gardens while enjoying spending time with and learning from other gardeners. Contact Charlotte Boney, Volunteer Coordinator, at 416-2482 or cboney@fcgov.com, for more information.

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