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Living Tribute Tree Planting Application

Please submit this application and mail your check (made out to the City of Fort Collins) to:
City Forestry Division (221-6361)
Attn: Tim Buchanan
413 S. Bryan Avenue
Fort Collins CO 80521

Submitted form will not be considered complete until check is recieved by Forestry Division.

City Forestry staff will contact you after we receive the application to confirm the park location, species and your involvement. If you have questions please call the Parks Division, M-F, 8am-5pm, 970-221-6660.

All fields are required unless otherwise indicated.

Contact Information
City: State: Zip:
Home Phone:    Work Phone:   
E-mail address (optional):
1. I would like to contribute $ to help purchase and plant tree(s) in our park system.
2. Name of park that you are requesting for planting:
3. Do you have a preference on what tree species from the list should be planted? If so, please indicate.
4. How would you or your group like to be involved in the tree planting? Check as many as are appropriate.
Attend planting I would like a photograph of the tree
Help plant the tree I would like a sketch of the park showing where the tree has been planted.
Notified after planting I would like to receive a donation receipt and certificate.
5. For our record, please indicate for what special purpose is this tree being planted: