Bike In Movie: With My Own Two Wheels

Gardens on Spring Creek, 2145 South Centre Ave
Wednesday June 11, 2014 5:00 PM
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Becky Moriarty, FC Bikes Program Specialist
Phone: 970-224-6112
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The City of Fort Collins is excited to announce that June is Bike Month with events lined up throughout the month.

Attend the Mindful Movies and More presentation of With My Own Two Wheels. This film weaves together the experiences of five individuals into one story of how the bicycle can change the world—one pedal stroke at a time. For many Americans, the bicycle is a choice. For countless others across the globe, a bicycle stands for much more. Mindful Movies are free and sponsored through a partnership with the Poudre River Library District, City of Fort Collins Environmental Services Department and Colorado State University. The film’s running time is 44 minutes.