Landscape Design with Rocky Mountain Native Plants

Gardens on Spring Creek, 2145 South Centre Ave, Check in at the Visitor Center
Saturday April 12, 2014 10:00 AM
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Jan Kroeger
Phone: 970-416-2486
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Develop your garden plan using traditional
landscape design practices, but focusing on native plants. Explore site design and identify zones in
your landscape based on hydrology, soil type and existing plants. Learn about natives’ soil and water
requirements, size and seasonal interest in order to pair plants effectively. Jim will also cover care during the plants' establishment period, long-term garden maintenance and the environmental
benefits derived from using native plants.

Instructor: Jim Tolstrup,
Executive Director, High Plains Environmental Center and State Outreach Chair
for the Colorado Native Plant Society

Note: $8 Price reduced by Fort Collins
Utilities to promote water conservation