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English Ranch Park Community Garden


Update, February 5, 2015

Last night the Fort Collins City Council asked the City Manager to delay the removal of the English Ranch Community Garden.

City Council has received a tremendous amount of feedback regarding the garden both pro and con. With this in mind, the City will be seeking the services of a mediator with the hopes of developing a compromise between the groups. The garden will stay in place until the mediation process takes place.

More details regarding the mediation process will be offered within the next several weeks.

Please share this message with all of those people who you feel will be interested.

Thank you all for your patience as we deal with this complicated matter.

Jeff Mihelich, ICMA-CM
Deputy City Manager

Update, February 3, 2015

The City of Fort Collins thanks all of the English Ranch and Foxstone residents who have donated their time during the many hours of public input, meetings, surveys and discussions about alternatives for the Community Garden at English Ranch Park. Unfortunately, we have been unable to reach a compromise between those that support the location of the garden and those that oppose it. As a result, we will be removing the garden.

It is requested that gardeners remove all of their personal property from the garden by February 15. This would include tools, garden art, plants, etc. If any gardener is unable to do so, we ask that you contact staff at the Gardens on Spring Creek to make other arrangements so that you are able to pick up your items. We do acknowledge that this decision is frustrating to some and we hope that we are able to work with you to find other locations that allow you to participate in the community garden program, supported by the City of Fort Collins.

Our goal is to identify a new location near, but outside of, the English Ranch subdivision for a replacement community garden. We are also planning on a new permanent community garden as part of the Southeast Community Park, which is currently being designed. In the meantime, all gardeners who currently rent a plot at English Ranch Park will be given priority for plots at the Gardens on Spring Creek and should call 970-416-2486 to let staff know they are interested.

Next Steps

Following the neighborhood decisions made on August 11 (see Neighborhood Meeting August 11 below for a summary of the meeting), the following will take place at the community garden in English Ranch Park:

Landscape: 10 Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia) will be planted– 5 along the east side and 5 along the west side. They will be planted on corners to spill over onto north and south side.

10 Wintercreeper (Euonymus fortune 'Coloratus') will be planted– 5 on north and 5 on south. These are mostly evergreen but slower growing which is why we will plant the Virginia Creeper to spill over.

Fence: The fence will remain as it is with the above landscape incorporated.

Tool shed: The tool shed will remain as it is currently. Many did prefer an Art in Public Places project but we have chosen to postpone such a decision and leave the shed as it is due to the almost equal opposition to that alternative.

Timeline and Neighborhood Engagement Opportunity: The plantings mentioned above will go in on Saturday, September 27 at 3 pm. Any interested neighbors are encouraged to come and assist. Staff anticipates that the planting should only take 1-2 hours but would provide an opportunity for the neighborhood to participate.


English Ranch Park Community Garden is one of four gardens that were considered a pilot project for the City in 2013. The garden was installed in the spring of 2013. Since the time of installation, the City has received criticism for its lack of communication about the installation of the garden, aesthetics and location. In response to these complaints, a neighborhood meeting was held on June 9, 2014. At that meeting, the majority of attendees indicated that they would like to see the garden taken out of the park. Since that time, the City has received a balance of comment and opinion both in support and criticism of the project. Based on comments at the meeting and further evaluation, some mitigation steps were taken in July, 2014.


From July 23rd through August 3rd, 2014, the City conducted an online survey to gather additional neighborhood feedback about the garden's location and design preferences, listed below in the section 'Garden Options'. Postcards were mailed to residents south of Horsetooth Road, east of Timberline Road and West of Ziegler Road. The southern boundary is less defined, but begins north of Caribou as it comes off of Timberline and continues across an imaginary horizontal line to Ziegler Road.

Mailing Boundary

City of Fort Collins Image

The results of the survey are shown below:

Total number of survey invitations sent: 1120
Total number of completed responses: 236 (21%)

Weighted Distribution:

The survey results below are shown as a "weighted calculation". Items ranked first are given a higher value or "weight." With 5 questions, the highest ranked option is given a weight of 5, the next highest is a 4, and so on. The score is the sum of all the weighted values for that option.

  Score Overall Rank  
Option B: Maintain existing garden location; add plantings and potentially other mitigation. 808 1  
Option A: Maintain the existing garden (as currently mitigated). 769 2  
Option E: Please remove the garden from this park entirely. 666 3  
Option C: Move the garden to the interior of the park, east side of existing shelter. 652 4  
Option D: Move the garden to the center of the park, west of the existing playground and restroom. 645 5  
Total Respondents 236

Neighborhood Meeting August 11, 6-7:30 pm, Timberline Church Room 201-202

A majority of responding residents preferred that the community garden stay in English Ranch Park so the City of Fort Collins hosted a neighborhood meeting to discuss plantings and other potential mitigation efforts preferred by the neighbors in attendance. Please see the agenda, power point presentation and summary from the meeting below.

Garden Options

Garden Layout Options

Due to the large amount of support and criticism that the Community Garden Project has received, the City of Fort Collins has decided to provide five options to the neighbors of the park and ask those residents to rank their preference. The options are listed, by letter, below. Pictures have been provided to assist in explanation of the current and optional locations. In addition, options C and D are currently staked in the park so that you can go and observe what the proposed locations would feel like if the garden were to be re-located, prior to submitting your survey.

Option A

Maintain the existing garden (in its now mitigated form), located at the east end of the park; near the pond, west of Kingsley Drive. Recent mitigation was $1,846.25 but no further costs would be associated with this choice.
Estimated cost: none

Option B

The same current location as option A with additional mitigation. Plantings could be added on the three visible sides of the garden (all sides other than the pond). The diagrams show many possible options for plantings and natural mitigation. They vary in cost, size and location best suited for the plant. As with all options, additional mitigation efforts and specific plantings/location can be considered at the neighborhood meeting and discussed in more detail.
Estimated cost: $2,500

Option C

This location is currently staked so that you can physically view it in the park. It is located in the interior of the park, east of the existing shade shelter.
Estimated cost: $17,000

Option D

This location is currently staked so that you can physically view it in the park. It is located centrally within the park, west of the existing playground and restroom.
Estimated cost: $13,000

Option E

Please remove the garden from this park entirely. Some materials could be re-used for a future garden in another location while other materials would not be appropriate for re-use.
Estimated cost: Unknown

Project Contact Information

Questions about the options presented: J.R. Schnelzer, Director of Parks, 970-221-6301,

Questions about the upcoming neighborhood meeting or the survey: Amanda Nagl, Neighborhood Administrator, 970-224-6070,