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Air Quality

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Lawn and Garden Equipment Rebate Program

Did you know that one gas-powered lawn mower can produce the same amount of air pollution in one hour as 11 cars? Replacing gas-powered lawn and garden equipment with manual, electric or battery-powered equipment reduces emissions of hazardous air pollutants. Fort Collins residents can receive up to $50 in rebates through the 2015 Lawn and Garden Equipment Rebate Program that runs April 18-June 28.

Ozone in Fort Collins

Fort Collins, along with much of the Front Range, does not meet health-based standards for ground-level ozone. Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, the Regional Air Quality Council, and others are working on a revised state implementation plan.
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Get Your FREE Healthy Home Assessment

The Healthy Sustainable Homes program provides low-cost or no-cost solutions that help you create a healthier home.
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Radon Action

70% of Fort Collins buildings have high radon levels. But don’t let these numbers scare you -- radon is a problem that can be fixed.
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Say No to Idling

Discover easy ways to save money, improve Fort Collins’ air, and cause less wear and tear on your car.
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ClimateWise Helps Local Business and the Environment

The City of Fort Collins ClimateWise team helps businesses tackle modern-day business challenges that impact bottom lines and the environment.
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Carbon Monoxide

In Fort Collins, approximately 85% of the CO comes from motor vehicles and 10% comes from woodburning.
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Indoor Air Quality

Much attention is paid to outdoor air pollution, however there are many pollutants indoors that deserve equal attention.
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Particulate Matter

In Fort Collins, particulate matter measurements rank better than national health standards.
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Since 1993, Fort Collins exceeded the State visibility standard approximately one-in-four days.
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Air Quality Alerts

Air Quality Affects Everyone

Air quality in Fort Collins affects our quality of life. For citizens with asthma, respiratory or cardiovascular problems, it is even more important.

  • Adult humans breathe about 20,000 times per day, while children breathe about 36,000 times each day.
  • More Fort Collins citizens say they are negatively impacted by poor visibility (brown cloud and obscured mountain views) than by negative health impacts.

Chronic Asthma

If you or a loved one needs tips for dealing with chronic asthma, check out Poudre Valley Hospital’s Taming the Tiger program

Local Air Pollution Levels:

Sustainable Purchasing

Sustainable purchasing takes into account the Triple Bottom Line of environmental, social and economic aspects. Find out what we're working on and learn how to do business with the City of Fort Collins

Additional Information

Air Quality Information

Learn more about quality, potential hazards, and what you can do to improve the air around you.