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Prospect and Timberline Intersection Improvements

Project goals

The proposed improvements are derived from the 2005 Building on Basics (BOB) sales and use tax for capital improvement projects. Interim intersection improvements were constructed in 2005, the upcoming project will take the intersection to it's ultimate improvement level.

In 2011, the Engineering Department completed an Arterial Intersection Prioritization Study which listed the Prospect Road and Timberline Road intersection as one of the top ranked locations for needed safety and operational improvements. Existing problems which brought this intersection to the top of the list included: significant congestion during the peak hours, higher than average vehicle accident rates, and intersection delay. The project will include multi-modal facility improvements to create a safer and more efficient intersection for all users.

  • Improve safety and overall efficiency for vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians
  • Reduce the accident rate by modifying the configuration of the intersection
  • Improve air quality by reducing vehicle wait time (delay)
  • Construct landscaping improvements in medians and parkways
  • Deconstruction of two silos (to be rebuilt at the new Southeast Community Park)
See the map of the proposed improvements

Proposed Improvements

The Intersection Study identified the need for a "free" right turn lane from eastbound Prospect Road to southbound Timberline Road; along with an acceleration lane on Timberline Road to receive this turning movement. Porkchop islands will be added at right turn lanes to reduce pedestrian crossing lengths. Curb, gutter, parkways and sidewalks will be added to southbound Timberline, along with landscaped medians. Additionally, the Timberline Road and Great Western Railroad crossing will be rebuilt to  accommodate the roadway expansion  as a future phase.


The project will be funded through the Building on Basics (BOB) Intersection Funds from the voter approved quarter-cent sales tax. The project is identified as "Timberline Road - Drake Road to Prospect Road" from the 2005 ballot language. More specifically, the ballot language stated, "This project will expand Timberline Road to four (4) lane arterial standards including travel lanes, sidewalks, bike lanes, landscaped medians, and other necessary improvements. The project will include improvement to the Timberline / Prospect intersection and all its approaches to add additional turn lanes".


  • Mountain Constructors began construction on Monday, May 23, 2016
  • Mountain Constructors is currently focusing on removing the Prospect Road medians and reconstructing the medians in their new configurations. This work requires the following lane restrictions:
    • Northbound Timberline to Westbound Prospect Road will be reduced to a single left turn lane from 7AM to 5PM daily.
    • Westbound Prospect Road will periodically be reduced to a single left turn lane on weekdays between 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM.
    • Southbound Timberline to Eastbound Prospect Road will be reduced to a single left turn lane from June 1 thru August 31, 2016
    • Eastbound Prospect Road is reduced to a single lane serving local access due to the road construction on Prospect Road near I-25 (full closure just west of I-25 – no access to I-25 from Prospect Road). A single left turn lane will be maintained on Eastbound Prospect Road. A single Eastbound right turn only lane will be maintained whenever possible.
  • Mountain Constructors is also focusing on widening the west side of Timberline Road south of the Railroad track crossing. This work requires a southbound shoulder closure. 2 southbound lanes of traffic south of the railroad crossing will be maintained during this work.
  • The City will be relocating two grain towers to be reinstalled at the Southeast Community Park that is currently under construction by Parks Dept. The grain towers are currently scheduled to be relocated during the week of June 13th.
  • The City is working with the Prairie Dog Coalition to passively relocate the prairie dogs on the southwest corner of the intersection. This process will require several weeks to complete. Once the Prairie Dog Coalition confirms that the prairie dogs have relocated, the City will fence off the abandoned burrows and begin earthwork in this area.
  • The City Utility Department will be installing a new underground electrical duct bank. This work will begin on June 6th and will impact Timberline Road north of Prospect Road. The work is anticipated to be completed by June 11, 2016. The work requires the following lane restrictions:
    • Timberline Road north of the Sutherlands driveway will have lane shifts to squeeze 2-way traffic into an narrower roadway width. Two-way traffic will be maintained at all times.
    • Southbound Timberline Road will be reduced to a single thru lane south of the Sutherlands driveway as electric crews install the new electrical service in the current roadway.
  • This project is anticipated to be finished in late October, 2016.

Public Outreach

A detailed communication plan is being developed and will be implemented with the final design phase through construction. The communication plan will highlight milestone dates, press releases, social media outlets and specific outreach methods for residents and the traveling public.Check back here often for exact construction dates. Additionally, the project construction information will be available on our interactive trip planner, FC Trip.


Mark Laken | Capital Projects Engineer | 970-223-3546 | bWxha2VuQGZjZ292LmNvbQ==