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pic How Will I Know If A Project Is Proposed Near Me?
This site provides information about development review proposals at all stages of the process. Property owners within at least an 800-foot radius (or a greater distance in accordance with the standards outlined in the Land Use Code) of the boundaries of the parcel are notified via US Postal Service of any neighborhood meetings and hearings for development review proposals. Additionally, a notice is placed in The Coloradoan and a sign is posted on the property when a formal application has been submitted, or earlier, if a neighborhood meeting is planned.

This Week in Development Review - Week of July 25-29, 2016

This service is provided to keep community members informed about potential development projects and related policy discussions. To subscribe to a weekly email with this information, please enter your email in the box to the right.

Information about Development Proposals

Information on current development proposals is available online. Check out the searchable and sortable table of development proposals under review to find information on formally submitted proposals. You may also search for a proposal by the sign number on a "Development Proposal Under Review" sign, by a keyword search including any part of the project name, street name or number, and more.

Conceptual Reviews & Preliminary Design Reviews

Conceptual or preliminary design reviews are the first step in the review process, where applicants can determine the feasibility of a possible project. Preliminary design reviews go into more detail than conceptual reviews. Some projects will move forward into the formal development review process; others will not. The following conceptual reviews will be conducted on July 25:

  • W. Laporte Ave. (2200 block) - Single Family Homes
    This is a conceptual review of a plan to subdivide land and construct four single family dwellings on an undeveloped parcel on the north side of Laporte Ave., between Impala and Briarwood. The existing single lot would be subdivided into a front and rear lot, with each lot containing a primary single family dwelling with a separate accessory dwelling unit, possibly constructed over garages. The site is located in the Low Density Mixed-Use Neighborhood (LMN) zone district.
  • Timberline & Prospect - Light Industrial / Office
    This is a conceptual review of a plan to construct light industrial or office space on a .9-acre lot located at the southwest corner of Timberline and Prospect. New two-story building(s) are estimated at 3,000 square feet in size. The site is located in the Employment (E) zone district.
  • 3570 Hearthfire Way - Annexation and Single Family Homes
    This is a request to subdivide the southern portion of the property at 3570 Hearthfire Way into four 15,000 square foot lots, each with a single family dwelling. The site is not in the city limits, so will require annexation. The area to be subdivided also contains an oil well that may be plugged and abandoned. The structure plan indicates Urban Estate (UE) zoning for the site upon annexation. Annexation and initial zoning of the site requires Planning and Zoning Board and City Council review.

Neighborhood Meetings

Neighborhood meetings provide an opportunity for developers to provide preliminary information to neighbors regarding proposed projects before they are formally submitted for review. Neighbors then have the opportunity to provide feedback and/or ask the developer questions about the project as proposed. Neighborhood meetings scheduled at this time include:

  • The Exchange - Commercial Re-development, located along the 200 Block of N. College (east side)
    Meeting: Monday, July 25, 6:30-8:30 p.m., City of Fort Collins Community Room, 215 N. Mason St. (north entrance)
    This is a neighborhood meeting regarding a proposal to re-develop and renovate multiple buildings along the east side of College Avenue, from Walnut to Jefferson. The existing parking lot would be converted to a landscaped plaza that would include a variety of spaces, possibly renovated shipping containers, for food outlets. Currently the buildings total 31,170 square feet; an additional 2,096 square feet is proposed. A new building, shaped like an ice cream churn, is proposed in the plaza area. The site is located in the Downtown - Old City Center Subdistrict zone district.
  • Multi-Family Development, 1303 W. Plum St.
    Meeting: Wednesday, July 27, 6:00-7:30 p.m., Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1709 W. Elizabeth St.
    This is a follow-up neighborhood meeting to one that was held on May 11. The proposed scope has increased since the the first meeting. The site has increased from 0.9 to 1.26 acres. The proposed building remains at five stories, but has increased from 151 bedrooms in 50 units to 230 bedrooms in 62 units. 177 parking spaces are now proposed.

West Elizabeth Enhanced Travel Corridor - Draft Plan For Review/Comment

The draft plan for the West Elizabeth Enhanced Travel Corridor is available for review and comment through July 27. 

Please visit the project website to view the draft plan and to submit your comments. The plan will be considered for adoption by City Council on August 16.

Open House and Forum - Wildlife and Prairie Dog Management

Residents are invited to an open house and forum to share their thoughts on the City of Fort Collins’ approach to wildlife management on City-owned natural areas as well as how wildlife is regulated by the City on private land.  

This event will be held on Thursday, July 28 at the Lincoln Center's Canyon West and Columbine Rooms, 417 W. Magnolia St.  

  • 5-8 p.m. - Open House 
    Poster stations with information about proposed changes to the Land Use Code (which regulates wildlife on private land) and Natural Areas Wildlife Management Guidelines (which guides wildlife management on City-owned natural areas) will be offered. There will be opportunities to ask questions, share your thoughts with City staff, and complete a comment form.
  • 6-7 p.m. - Prairie Dog Management Forum
    An overview of proposed changes to the Wildlife Management Guidelines and Land Use Code will be provided.  Then, a panel of representatives from a variety of perspectives will briefly share their thoughts and respond to questions from residents.

More information is available at and

Recent Applications

This section typically includes Project Development Plans (PDPs), Overall Development Plans (ODPs), Major Amendments (MJAs), and proposals for annexations, rezonings, and additions of permitted uses. No applications of tyese types have been received in the past week.

Final Development Plans (FDPs) are typically submitted following approval of Project Development Plans or Major Amendments at public hearings, and are reviewed by staff for consistency with the approved plans. No final plan submittals have been received in the past week.

Information regarding all current proposals, including Minor Amendments (MAs), is available in an interactive table of Development Proposals Under Review, or by calling the Development Review Center at 970-221-6750.

Administrative/Type 1 Hearings

Administrative/Type 1 hearings are public hearings conducted by a hearing officer. The hearing officer considers your input an important part of the development review process. Written comments are also welcome, and may be submitted in advance to the project planner, or at the hearing. Written decisions are provided by the hearing officer within two weeks of these hearings. No administrative hearings are scheduled at this time.

Planning and Zoning Board/Type 2 Hearings

The next hearing will be held on Thursday, August 11; the next work session will be held on Friday, August 5.

The agenda and hearing packets for work sessions and regular meetings are available online approximately a week before the meetings or by contacting the Development Review Center at 970-221-6750.

City Council

Tuesday, July 26 - Adjourned Meeting
At 6 p.m., City Council will conduct an adjourned meeting in Council Chambers at City Hall, 300 W. Laporte Ave. Agenda items include:

  • Consideration of the formation of the Midtown Business Improvement District (first reading)
  • Climate Action Plan Appropriation (first reading)
  • Council Ethics Review Board Opinion relating to conflicts of interest for board and commission members

Tuesday, July 26 - Work Session
Following the adjourned meeting, City Council will conduct a work session in the CIC Room at City Hall. Agenda items related to planning and development include:

  • Short Term Rentals
    Presentation of draft regulatory framework and feedback received from the public.
  • Dark Sky Initiative
    Presentation of recent work and objectives and seek direction on a possible resolution supporting a dark sky initiative.

Landmark Preservation Commission & Historic Preservation

Wednesday, July 27
At 5:30 p.m., in Council Chambers at 300 Laporte Ave., the Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC) will conduct a regular meeting. Agendas and past minutes are available at

Demolition/Alteration Review and Appeals
Whenever a permit or development approval is sought for a building or structure 50 years old or older, the property is reviewed under Section 14-72 of the Municipal Code.

More information about historic review and specific projects under review is available at For additional information, contact Karen McWilliams at a2NtY3dpbGxpYW1zQGZjZ292LmNvbQ== or 970-224-6078 or Maren Bdzek at a2Rvcm5AZmNnb3YuY29t or 970-221-6206, or see our FAQ page at

Zoning Board of Appeals

Thursday, August 12
The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) has the authority to approve variances from the requirements in the Land Use Code. Agendas and past meeting minutes are available at

Building Review Board

Thursday, July 28
The Building Review Board (BRB) is charged with the responsibility to hear appeals and requests for variances related to City building codes and contractor licensing regulations. The BRB typically meets on the last Thursday of each month at 1:00 p.m. in Council Chambers at 300 Laporte Avenue. Agendas and past meeting minutes are available at

Recent Hearing Outcomes

City Council

On July 19, City Council took the following actions:

  • Designating the Leo and Hilda Ritter Property, 720 West Oak St., as a Fort Collins Landmark
    Approved, on second reading, the designation of the Leo and Hilda Ritter property located at 720 West Oak Street as a Fort Collins Landmark.
  • Majestic Place Annexation (on consent agenda)
    Approved items that continue the annexation process for 19.93 acres located at 2150 Rock Castle Lane (southeast of Timberline and Triby). Proposed zoning for the site is Urban Estate (UE).
  • Findings from Appeal of 320 Maple Development Proposal from July 12 Council Appeal
    Approved the resolution of findings for the Council appeal hearing regarding the 320 Maple development plan. The plan had been denied by the administrative hearing officer. Council overturned the hearing officer's decision, so the proposal may proceed.
  • Climate Action Plan (CAP) Appropriation  (second reading; on discussion agenda)
    Approved funding from the General Fund to implement two initiatives outlined in the Draft 2020 Climate Action Plan Strategic Plan: $85,000 for a composting site initiative, and $1,460,000 for energy efficiency rebates ($1,370,000 for the business community and $90,000 for the Efficiency Works Neighborhoods Pilot) through 2016.
  • Designating the Coy Farmstead, Woodward Technology Center, as a Fort Collins Landmark  
    Approved, on second reading, the designation  of the Coy Farmstead, located on the Woodward Technology Center property, as a Fort Collins Landmark.

Planning and Zoning Board

On July 14, the Planning and Zoning Board made the following decisions. Appeal deadline is July 28.

  • Oakridge Crossing Project Development Plan, located east of the intersection of McMurry Ave. and Pleasant Oak Dr.
    Approved a proposal for a 3-story, mixed-use building on a 2.6-acre parcel. The proposed building would include 110 apartments for seniors earning 30-60% of the area median income (AMI). The building will also include 5,100 square feet of office space. 88 total parking spaces are proposed; 80 of these are for the apartment residents. The site is located in the Harmony Corridor (HC) zone district. The Board made the following decisions regarding three modification requests: (1) approved a reduction in the required number of residential parking spaces, (2) denied a request to meet the park/gathering requirements with an off-site tract of land, and (3) approved a modification of the standard requiring public visibility of an on-site park or gathering space.
  • The Overlook Project Development Plan
    Approved a request for a development on a 3.3-acre site located on the east side of John F. Kennedy Parkway, 350 feet south of Horsetooth Road. A mixed-use building is proposed, with two wings connected by an elevated walkway which includes a fitness room for the residents. Part of Wing 1 includes 8,100 square feet of ground floor commercial space. The remainder of Wing 1 and all of Wing 2 includes 105 apartment units. 187 parking spaces are proposed. A 4-story building is proposed, located above 78 covered parking spaces in a basement level. This site is located in the Employment (E) zone district.
  • Harmony 23 Modification Request, for 23 acres on the southwest corner of Strauss Cabin & Harmony Rd.
    Approved a request to modify a zoning standard. The site is located in the Harmony Corridor (HC) zone district, which requires at least 75% office/employment uses in any development plan. The applicant is requesting 100% residential use (zero office/employment use). With this approval, development plans may be submitted for a multi-family development.

Zoning Board of Appeals

On July 14, the Zoning Board of Appeals made the following decision. Appeal deadline is July 28.

  • 2034 S. Taft Hill Rd.
    Approved a variance request to allow a 1,738 square foot accessory structure. The maximum allowed is 1,200 square feet.

Information on the Review Process

Have you checked out the City's Citizen's Role in Development Review flowchart and guide? We hope this guide will aid you in making the process easier to understand and enable you to participate. Questions? Residents may contact Sarah Burnett in Neighborhood Services at 970-224-6076 or c2J1cm5ldHRAZmNnb3YuY29t. Developers and consultants may contact the Development Review Center at 970-416-2740.

More Info & Feedback

For more information about development review, please visit or call 970-221-6750. For previous issues of this e-newsletter, view the newsletter archive.

Please email any feedback regarding this weekly service to c2J1cm5ldHRAZmNnb3YuY29t.