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This webpage provides information about development review proposals at all stages of the process. Property owners within at least an 800-foot radius (or a greater distance in accordance with the standards outlined in the Land Use Code) of the boundaries of the parcel are notified via US Postal Service of any neighborhood meetings and hearings for development review proposals. Additionally, a notice is placed in The Coloradoan and a sign is posted on the property when a formal application has been submitted, or earlier, if a neighborhood meeting is planned.

This Week in Development Review - May 4-8

This service is provided to keep community members informed about potential development projects and related policy discussions. To receive a weekly email to let you know when the page is updated, please sign up using the orange box at the upper right corner of this page.


More information on current development proposals is available online than ever before. Check out the searchable and sortable table of development proposals under review to find information on formally submitted proposals. In response to a recent request, the table of proposals now includes the property owner's name with a link to more information as well as the applicant information. As always, you can search for a proposal by the sign number on a "Development Proposal Under Review" sign, by a keyword search including any part of the project name, street name or number, and more.


Conceptual or preliminary design reviews are the first step in the review process, where applicants can determine the feasibility of a possible project. Some projects will move forward into the formal development review process; others will not. Conceptual plans and staff comment letters for all conceptual reviews are available at, under the "Agendas and Proposal Info" heading. Conceptual reviews completed in April included:

  • East Ridge - Replat, located southwest of Timberline and Vine
    This is a request to replat portions of the previously approved East Ridge development plan. The new proposal calls for lot line adjustments for single family detached and additional conceptual plans for multi-family and single family attached units.
  • Fourplexes, 830 and 834 E. Myrtle
    This is a request to construct two two-story fourplexes. Each fourplex would be 3,600 square feet.
  • Amber Waves - Annexation and Mixed Use, located north of International Blvd. and south of the Timbervine project
    This is a request to annex 27 acres of land and develop a mixed use project with 95,000 square feet of office and retail space with 48 residential units above.
  • Replat, 900 Peterson St.
    This is a request to replat the property located at 900 Peterson St. The proposal calls for combining lots 8 and 7 of the 900 Peterson Street Subdivision. The project would also add a 547 square foot garage and remove 2,600 square feet of parking area.
  • Child Care Center and Dance Studio, 4221 S. Mason St.
    This is a request to locate a preschool and dance studio in the building in the rear of the property at 4221 S. Mason. The proposal calls for removing 6 parking spaces to accommodate a fenced outdoor space with landscaping.

Preliminary design reviews completed in April included:

  • Taft & Mulberry, 2045 and 2039 E. Mulberry St.
    This is a proposal to build six two-family dwellings and convert the existing home at 2045 W. Mulberry St. to a commercial use.
  • Office Building, 215 Mathews St.
    This is a proposal for a three-story office building with approximately 9,000 square feet. The ground level would serve primarily as covered parking.
  • Freedonia Brewing, 208 Remington St.
    This is a proposal to convert a former church into a brewery and taproom.
  • Brookview Apartments, located on East Stuart St.
    This is a proposal to add a two-story apartment building with approximately 13,700 square feet.


Neighborhood meetings provide an opportunity for developers to provide preliminary information to neighbors regarding proposed projects before they are formally submitted for review. Neighbors then have the opportunity to provide feedback and/or ask the developer questions about the project as proposed. No neighborhood meetings are scheduled at this time.


  • Planning & Transportation Open House - May 6
    Stop by Everyday Joe's Coffee House, 144 S. Mason St., anytime between 5 and 7 p.m. on May 6 to learn more about planning and transportation efforts underway throughout the City. This open house will cover a wide range of upcoming projects throughout the city, including:
    • Downtown Plan
    • Old Town Neighborhoods Plan
    • West Elizabeth Enhanced Travel Corridor (ETC) Plan
    • Remington Greenway
    • Laurel Street Pilot Project
    • Transfort Route Changes
    • Horsetooth & Timberline Intersection Improvements
    • Train Quiet Zone
    • Open Streets
    • Bike to Work Day & Bike Ambassador Program
    • Street Maintenance Program
    • ...and more!
  • West Elizabeth Enhanced Travel Corridor Master Plan
    Interested in shaping the future of West Elizabeth Street?  Make your voice heard and get involved early with the West Elizabeth Enhanced Travel Corridor (ETC) Planning effort, which will focus on enhancing biking, walking and transit in the area. Upcoming events and input opportunities include:
    • Community Listening Session
      Come share your thoughts on transportation opportunities in this corridor.  Light refreshments will be served.  Don’t miss a minute of the conversation!
      • Monday, May 4, 6 -8 p.m.
        Lab/Polaris School
        1905 Orchard Pl.
    • Community Walking/Transit and Biking Tours
      Lead or participate in a tour to help City staff get to know your travel experience in the West Elizabeth Corridor!  Show us how you get around - what’s working and what could be improved.  Tours will be held the weeks of May 4 and 11.  Online sign-up and more details coming soon.
    • Online Survey and WikiMap
      An online survey about how you use West Elizabeth and a WikiMap where you can provide input on your travel experience at specific locations in the West Elizabeth Corridor will be available through May 17.
    • Apply for the Stakeholder Committee
      Do you live, work or play along West Elizabeth? Consider applying to join the project Stakeholder Committee. We are looking for a diverse set of individuals to help build this planning effort. For more information, and to apply online, click here  or fill out the  PDF application  and return to Amy Lewin at    by May 17.

    Visit for more details and to sign up for project updates.


This section typically includes Project Development Plans (PDPs), Overall Development Plans (ODPs), Major Amendments (MJAs), and proposals for annexations, re-zonings, and additions of permitted uses that were submitted in the past week. Recent submittals include:

  • Foothills Mall Multi-Family Major Amendment
    This is a request for Major Amendment to amend the existing approved plan for the Foothills Mall Multi-Family project. This request would change from the approved 800 units to a total of 256 units and a total of 331 bedrooms and from an overall density of 56.98 dwelling units per acre to 28.9 dwelling units per acre. There would be 16 buildings, each two or three stories in height.
  • Cultivation Facility Combined Project Development Plan and Final Development Plan, 5608 S. College Ave.
    This is a request to convert an existing one story, 3,600 square foot warehouse/retail building formerly used by a tire shop business, into a marijuana cultivation facility on a .37 acre site. The business would operate using two employees, with a potential maximum of 4 employees. Exterior modifications include parking lot repairs, landscaping and improved drainage. The .37 acre site is located in the Service Commercial (CS) zone district.  
  • Serious Texas Barbeque Building Combined Project Development Plan and Final Development Plan, 2001 S. Timberline Rd.
    This is a request to develop Lot 1 of the Timberline Center PUD, to construct a new one story, 3,096 square foot restaurant with a 480 square foot covered outdoor seating area. Access will be via an existing private drive along the west portion of the property.

Final Development Plans (FDPs) are typically submitted following approval of Project Development Plans or Major Amendments at public hearings, and are reviewed by staff for consistency with the approved plans.

  • City of Fort Collins Utility Administration Building, 222 Laporte Ave.
    This is the final plan submittal for a 39,562 square foot, 3 story building for the City of Fort Collins Utilities Customer Service department and other City offices. The historic creamery "Butterfly Building" will most likely be moved to another location within the boundaries of block 32. The 54,076 square foot lot is located in the Downtown (D) zone district, Civic Center Subdistrict.

Information regarding all current proposals, including Minor Amendments (MAs), is available in an interactive table of Development Proposals Under Review, or by calling the Development Review Center at 970-221-6750.


Administrative/Type 1 hearings are public hearings conducted by a hearing officer. The hearing officer considers your input an important part of the development review process. Written comments are also welcome, and may be submitted in advance to the project planner, or at the hearing. Written decisions are provided by the hearing officer within two weeks of these hearings. No administrative hearings are scheduled at this time.


Friday, May 8
From noon to 5:00 p.m., the Board will hold a work session at 281 N. College Ave., Conference Room A. Agenda items include:

  • CSU Parking Lot Site Plan Advisory Review (located at 2400 Research Boulevard)
  • CSU Parking Garage Site Plan Advisory Review (located southeast of the intersection of Pitkin and the Mason Trail)
  • 2015 Land Use Code Annual Revision
  • Transit Design Standards and Guidelines
  • Draft Energy Policy
  • West Elizabeth Enhanced Travel Corridor Plan

Next Meeting - Thursday, May 14
At 6:00 p.m., the Board will conduct a regular meeting in Council Chambers at 300 Laporte Ave. The Planning and Zoning Board encourages your input; interested persons are encouraged to attend and provide their comments. Decisions are made by a vote of the Board members at the conclusion of the hearing for each proposal.

The agenda and hearing packets for work sessions and regular meetings are available online approximately a week before the meetings or by contacting the Development Review Center at 970-221-6750.


Tuesday, May 5 - Regular Meeting
At 6:00 p.m., City Council will conduct a regular meeting in Council Chambers at 300 Laporte Avenue. Items related to development review include consideration of:

  • an ordinance to vacate portions of the rights-of-way as dedicated on the plat of Riverside Park.(first reading)
  • an ordinance to vacate right-of way as dedicated on a plat of Registry Ridge Fourth Filing. (first reading)
  • an ordinance to authorize the conveyance of City Property to Walnut Street 354, LLC (second reading)
  • an ordinance to designate the Longyear Property, 714 Remington St., as a Fort Collins Landmark (second reading)
  • an ordinance to designate the Manges/Holmes Property, 1202 Laporte Ave., as a Fort Collins Landmark (second reading)

Agendas are posted online on the Thursday afternoon prior to each meeting. A list of planned topics to be addressed by City Council and the Urban Renewal Authority Board in the next six months is available at


Next Meeting - Thursday, May 27
The Building Review Board is charged with the responsibility to hear appeals and requests for variances related to City building codes and contractor licensing regulations. The BRB typically meets on the last Thursday of each month at 1:00 p.m. in Council Chambers at 300 Laporte Avenue. Agendas and past meeting minutes are available at


Upcoming Hearing - Wednesday, May 13
At 5:30 p.m., in Council Chambers at 300 Laporte Ave., the Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC) will conduct a hearing.

Alteration/Demolition Review and Appeals
Whenever a permit or development approval is sought for a building or structure 50 years old or older, the property is reviewed under  Section 14-72 of the Municipal Code. Properties under review/appeal are listed at

More information on projects under review and on historic review is available at For additional information, contact Karen McWilliams () or Josh Weinberg () or call 970-221-6206. Agendas and past minutes are available at


Next Meeting - Thursday, May 14
The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) has the authority to approve variances from the requirements in the Land Use Code. It meets on the second Thursday of each month. The meeting will begin at 8:30 a.m. in Council Chambers (300 Laporte Avenue). Agendas and past meeting minutes are available at Multiple variance requests will be reviewed, as well as the appeal of the Administrative Decision regarding a building permit application at 201 E. Elizabeth St. (see details below).


Administrative Decision from April 15 - Appealed
Several appeals have been filed regarding the decision of the Director of Community Development and Neighborhood Services regarding the proposal listed below. The appeal is scheduled to be heard by the Zoning Board of Appeals at its May 14 meeting.

  • 201 E. Elizabeth St., Building Permit Application to Change the Use
    A building permit application to change the use from a single-family dwelling to fraternity was approved, with conditions, by the Director of Community Development and Neighborhood Services. The Director found that the application request meets the standards of Article 3 and Article 4 of the Land Use Code to the extent reasonably feasible provided that the following conditions addressing Land Use Code provisions regarding operational compatibility are met:
    • The building shall be limited to 18 occupants.
    • No fraternity meeting shall exceed 18 attendees.
    • 8 off-street parking spaces are provided as shown on the site plan.

Landmark Preservation Commission Hearing - April 22 - Hearing

  • 1509 S. Shields St.
    Not Eligible for Landmark Designation
    - On April 22, the Landmark Preservation Commission conducted a hearing of an appeal of a determination, made in accordance with the Municipal Code that this property was eligible for individual designation as a Fort Collins Landmark. The Landmark Preservation Commission voted on a 4-2 vote that the property was not eligible for Landmark designation. Information about the eligibility review process can be found online at:, or by contacting Karen McWilliams at or 970-224-6078.

Administrative/Type 1 Hearings - April 30
Written decisions are pending for the two hearings described below; written decisions will be returned within two weeks of the hearing date.

  • Spoons Combined Project Development Plan/Final Development Plan, 2590 Midpoint Dr.
    This is a proposal for a 6,100 square foot building which would contain a commercial kitchen and offices for the Spoons restaurant owners in a 6,100 square foot building. Main access to the site and the Lightfield site will be from a single point off of Midpoint Drive. This site is in the Industrial (I) zone district.
  • Lightfield Combined Project Development Plan/Final Development Plan, 2600 Midpoint Dr.
    This is a proposal for a new building for Lightfield Enterprises, formerly Vogel Concrete. The one-story building will contain 2,218 square feet of offices and a 4,900 square foot shop. Main access to the site and the Spoons site will be from a single point off of Midpoint Drive.


Have you checked out the City's Citizen's Role in Development Review flowchart and guide? We hope this guide will aid you in making the process easier to understand and enable you to participate. Questions? Please contact Sarah Burnett, Neighborhood Development Review Liaison, at 970-224-6076 or


For more information about development review, please visit or call 970-221-6750. For previous issues of this e-newsletter, view the newsletter archive.

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