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This webpage provides information about development review proposals at all stages of the process. Property owners within at least an 800-foot radius (or a greater distance in accordance with the standards outlined in the Land Use Code) of the boundaries of the parcel are notified via US Postal Service of any neighborhood meetings and hearings for development review proposals. Additionally, a notice is placed in The Coloradoan and a sign is posted on the property when a formal application has been submitted, or earlier, if a neighborhood meeting is planned.

This Week in Development Review - June 1-5

This service is provided to keep community members informed about potential development projects and related policy discussions. To receive a weekly email of the content of this page, please sign up using the orange box at the upper right corner of this page.


More information on current development proposals is available online than ever before. Check out the searchable and sortable table of development proposals under review to find information on formally submitted proposals. In response to a recent request, the table of proposals now includes the property owner's name with a link to more information as well as the applicant information. You may also search for a proposal by the sign number on a "Development Proposal Under Review" sign, by a keyword search including any part of the project name, street name or number, and more.


Conceptual or preliminary design reviews are the first step in the review process, where applicants can determine the feasibility of a possible project. Some projects will move forward into the formal development review process; others will not. Conceptual plans and staff comment letters for all conceptual reviews are available at, under the "Agendas and Proposal Info" heading. Conceptual reviews and preliminary design reviews completed in May included:

  • Conceptual Reviews
    • 706 S. College Ave. - Multi-family
      Request to convert 8,242 square feet of office space to 14 studio and 1-bedroom apartment units in an existing building in the Community Commercial (CC) zone district. 33 parking spaces will be provided on-site. This proposal would be subject to review as a Major Amendment.
    • 5724 S. College Ave. - Retail Marijuana Store and Cultivation Facility
      In this proposal, the retail marijuana store will be located in the front building while the warehouse would be converted to a cultivation facility. This proposal would be subject to Administrative/Type 1 review.
    • 428 Maple St. - Microbrewery
      Request for a microbrewery in an existing building. The proposal calls for a small patio on the south side of the building and space for a food truck. The project would be subject to Administrative/Type 1 review.
    • 1112 Birch St. - Parking Lot
      Request for a 28-space parking lot to be located west of the existing sorority house. The proposal will be subject to Basic Development Review.
    • 6617 S. College Ave. - Marijuana Cultivation Facility
      Request to expand an existing medical marijuana and cultivation facility. This proposal includes expanding the store and office building by 288 square feet, expanding the current cultivation shed by 1,285 square feet and demolishing an existing farm building and constructing a new 3,000 square feet cultivation facility. The currently unplatted parcel is located in the Limited Commercial (CL) zone district.
    • 221 E. Oak St. - Fourplex
      This is a request to construct a 3-story fourplex with 9 parking spaces on the ground level. The site is located in the Neighborhood Conservation - Buffer (NCB) zone district. The proposal would be subject to Administrative/Type 1 review.
  • Preliminary Design Reviews
    • 303 W. Prospect Rd. - Prospect Station Phase 2
      Request for a 3-story multi-family building with 45 units and 69 bedrooms, similar in design and character to the existing Prospect Station building to the east of the site. The site is located in the Employment (E) zone district.
    • West of South College Avenue (north of Whole Foods Market) Spring Creek Station Mixed Use
      Request for a 5-story project with 299 multi-family units and 15,000 square feet of retail space. The residential portion of the project includes 907 bedrooms that will be market to students and rented individually. The 3.78 acre site is located in the General Commercial District and within the Transit-Oriented Overlay (TOD) District. The site is north of Whole Foods Market, east of the MAX Spring Creek Station, south of the Sherwood Lateral irrigation canal and west of Peloton Cycles. Two existing one-story buildings housing retail/commercial buildings and a storage facility on the site would be removed.


Neighborhood meetings provide an opportunity for developers to provide preliminary information to neighbors regarding proposed projects before they are formally submitted for review. Neighbors then have the opportunity to provide feedback and/or ask the developer questions about the project as proposed. One neighborhood meeting is scheduled at this time:

  • Fort Collins Hotel, 354 Walnut St. (hotel) and 363 Jefferson St. (parking)
    Meeting: Thursday, June 11, 5:30-7:30 p.m.
    FirstBank, 100 S. College (southeast corner of Mountain and College)

    This is a proposal for a 5-story, 162-room hotel, with restaurant, meeting/ballroom, and retail spaces, and a rooftop bar. 98 parking spaces are proposed. The site is in the Downtown (D) zone district, Old City Center Subdistrict. This proposal would be reviewed through a Planning and Zoning Board/Type 2 review process.


Is Downtown Fort Collins Headed in the Right Direction?
What do you love most about downtown? And what do you think is missing? Help the City of Fort Collins shape the future of the downtown area! Stop by Old Town Square on June 5 or share your thoughts through a brief online survey.

  • First Friday Event - Friday, June 5
    Old Town Square, 4-8 p.m.

Visit for more info on the Downtown Plan and to sign up for email updates.

"open streets" EVENT ON wEST elizabeth on sunday, june 7

An "Open Streets" event is scheduled for Sunday, June 7 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on West Elizabeth Street between Overland and Shields. If you live or work on the route, more information is available here.

Open Streets events invite people to experience public streets in ways other than driving.   By temporarily closing streets to motorized traffic, Open Streets provides a safe and comfortable space for people to walk, bicycle, jog, rollerblade and play!

2015 marks the second year for these events in Fort Collins with one planned in June and another in September. For more information on the events, please visit


This section typically includes Project Development Plans (PDPs), Overall Development Plans (ODPs), Major Amendments (MJAs), and proposals for annexations, re-zonings, and additions of permitted uses that were submitted in the past week. No submittals of these types were received during the past week.

Final Development Plans (FDPs) are typically submitted following approval of Project Development Plans or Major Amendments at public hearings, and are reviewed by staff for consistency with the approved plans. One final plan submittal was received recently:

  • Young Peoples Learning Center Final Development Plan, 209 E. Plum St.
    This is the final plan submittal for an addition to add approximately 1700 square feet of office space to the second story of the current building. An Addition of a Permitted Use accompanies this submittal to allow the office change of use. The parcel  is located in both the Neighborhood Conservation - Medium Density (NCM) zone district and the Neighborhood Conservation - Buffer (NCB) Zone District.

Information regarding all current proposals, including Minor Amendments (MAs), is available in an interactive table of Development Proposals Under Review, or by calling the Development Review Center at 970-221-6750.


Administrative/Type 1 hearings are public hearings conducted by a hearing officer. The hearing officer considers your input an important part of the development review process. Written comments are also welcome, and may be submitted in advance to the project planner, or at the hearing. Written decisions are provided by the hearing officer within two weeks of these hearings. Upcoming hearings include:

  • March, Olive & Pharris LLC Law Offices, 1312 S. College Ave. **NEW DATE AND LOCATION**
    Hearing: Thursday, June 11, 5:00 p.m., in Conference Room A, 281 N. College Ave.
    This is a proposal to change the use from single family dwelling to general office. Nine off-street parking spaces are proposed, with access from an existing curb-cut and the alley.


Friday, June 5 - Work Session
From noon to 5 p.m. the Board will conduct a work session in Conference Room A, 281 N. College Ave.

Thursday, June 11 - Hearing - Cancelled
The June 11 Planning and Zoning Board Meeting has been cancelled.

Looking ahead, the July Planning and Zoning Board work session will be held on Tuesday, June 30, since Friday, July 3 is a holiday. The July Planning and Zoning Board hearing will be held on Thursday, July 9.

The agenda and hearing packets for work sessions and regular meetings are available online approximately a week before the meetings or by contacting the Development Review Center at 970-221-6750.


Tuesday, June 2 - Regular Meeting
At 6:00 p.m., City Council will hold a regular meeting in Council Chambers at 300 Laporte Avenue. Agendas are posted online on the Thursday afternoon prior to each meeting. A list of planned topics to be addressed by City Council and the Urban Renewal Authority Board in the next six months is available at

Items related to development review on June 2 include:

  • Various Amendments to the Land Use Code (on consent agenda)
    The purpose of this item is to adopt a variety of revisions, clarifications and additions to the Land Use Code that are housekeeping and routine in nature and that have been identified since the last update in December of 2014.
  • Amendment of the Land Use Code to Exclude Certain Residential Zone Districts from the "Addition of Permitted Use" Process (on discussion agenda)
    The purpose of this item is to amend the Land Use Code so that the ability to apply the Addition of Permitted Use process in nine zone districts would not be allowed.

Pending Appeal
An appeal hearing on a recent decision by the Zoning Board of Appeals will be heard by City Council (date to be determined):

  • Fraternity Use at 201 E. Elizabeth St.
    Three appeals have been filed regarding a May 14 decision of the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) regarding the property at 201 E. Elizabeth St. The ZBA upheld an earlier decision of the Community Development and Neighborhood Services (CDNS). On April 15, 2015, the CDNS Director made a decision under Land Use Code Section 3.8.25 to authorize a change of use permit which would allow a previously abandoned fraternity house to be re-established on the property at 201 East Elizabeth Street. Three conditions were imposed on this approval:
    • the building occupancy shall be limited to 18 occupants,
    • no fraternity meeting shall exceed 18 attendees, and
    • eight off-street parking spaces are provided


Next Meeting - Thursday, June 25
The Building Review Board is charged with the responsibility to hear appeals and requests for variances related to City building codes and contractor licensing regulations. The BRB typically meets on the last Thursday of each month at 1:00 p.m. in Council Chambers at 300 Laporte Avenue. Agendas and past meeting minutes are available at


Next Hearing - Wednesday, June 10
At 5:30 p.m., in Council Chambers at 300 Laporte Ave., the Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC) will conduct a hearing.

Alteration/Demolition Review and Appeals
Whenever a permit or development approval is sought for a building or structure 50 years old or older, the property is reviewed under  Section 14-72 of the Municipal Code. Properties under review/appeal are listed at

More information on projects under review and on historic review is available at For additional information, contact Karen McWilliams () or Josh Weinberg () or call 970-221-6206. Agendas and past minutes are available at


Next Hearing - Thursday, June 11
The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) has the authority to approve variances from the requirements in the Land Use Code. It meets on the second Thursday of each month. The meeting will begin at 8:30 a.m. in Council Chambers (300 Laporte Avenue). Agendas and past meeting minutes are available at


Administrative/Type 1 Hearings - Decisions Pending from May 20 Hearings
Written decisions will be provided by the hearing officer within two weeks after the hearing date.

  • Center for Advanced Technology 23rd, Lot 2 Office Building (northeast corner of Rolland Moore Dr. and Centre Ave.)
    This is a combined project development plan and final plan for a 31,619 square foot office building on 1.9 acres. The site is zoned Employment (E); offices are permitted if approved in an Administrative/Type 1 hearing. The applicant is also seeking a modification to the standard regarding build-to lines for the proposal.
  • Verizon Wireless Telecommunication Facility, 3003 E. Harmony Rd.
    This is a proposal for 6 new antennas surface mounted to the upper floors of the existing building at this location.


Have you checked out the City's Citizen's Role in Development Review flowchart and guide? We hope this guide will aid you in making the process easier to understand and enable you to participate. Questions? Please contact Sarah Burnett, Neighborhood Development Review Liaison, at 970-224-6076 or


For more information about development review, please visit or call 970-221-6750. For previous issues of this e-newsletter, view the newsletter archive.

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