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Development Review Center

Development Review Center
281 North College Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80524

Development Review Center
(Current Planning)
Building Services 970-221-6760
Neighborhood Services 970-224-6046
Historic Preservation 970-224-6078
Zoning 970-416-2745

About Us

Development Review (Current Planning)

We are a “one-stop shop” for all of your development needs and your project planner for the development review process. We assist in streamling development review, which involves collaboration from many City departments and local businesses (for example, telecommunications and water). We review and evaluate all project development plans (PDP) and overall development plans (ODP), as well as annexations, re-zonings, subdivisions, site plans, landscape plans, lighting plans and also new wireless telecommunication facilities. We provide information and advice on land use, urban design, and choosing the most appropriate review process for each project while adhereing to the policies in our Land Use Code. For more information about how development review works, check out the Development Review Guide at Current Planning is also the primary staff support for the Planning and Zoning Board.


Zoning reviews sign permits, basic development reviews, minor amendments, home occupations, setbacks, parking requirements, wireless telecommunication equipment co-locates and permitted uses. They respond to concerns regarding possible zoning violations and work with property owners to remedy any problems. They use the Land Use Code when completing reviews and making decisions. Zoning is also located in the Development Review Center at 281 North College Avenue. Zoning is also the primary staff support for the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Building Services

Building Services is responsible for a wide variety of tasks associated with construction like reviewing building plans, issuing building permits, performing building inspections, licensing contractors, issuing demolition permits, enforcing health and safety issues as related to structures (including wiring, plumbing, etc.), and enforcing the Rental Housing Standards, including the "three unrelated" or occupancy law. Staff uses Building, Land Use, and Municipal Codes during the course of work.

Neighborhood Services

Neighborhood Services deals with many neighborhood nuisance problems such as weeds, junk, snow shoveling, and more. These are code compliance problems related to ordinances and part of the City's Municipal Code rather than the Land Use Code. Neighborhood Services is located upstairs at 281 North College Avenue; not in the Development Review Center. They do work closely with Building Services and Zoning to insure compliance.

Historic Preservation

Karen McWilliams is the City's Preservation Planner. If you are planning on altering, adding on to, or demolishing a structure 50 years or older, please contact her to start on the historic preservation review process. Additionally, there may be financial benefits, in the form of state tax credits.


Cameron Gloss Planning Manager
Kelly Kimple Environmental Planning Technician
Spencer Branson Planning Technician
Clay Frickey Associate Planner
Jason Holland City Planner
Rebecca Everette City Planner
Seth Lorson City Planner
Ryan Mounce City Planner
Clark Mapes Senior City Planner
Pete Wray Senior City Planner
Ted Shepard Chief Planner
Sheri Langenberger Development Review Manager
Tyler Siegmund Civil Engineer I
Marc Ragasa Civil Engineer I
Karen McWilliams Preservation Planner
Josh Weinberg Preservation Planner
Noah Beals Senior City Planner / Zoning
Ali van Deutekom Zoning Inspector
Gary Lopez Zoning Inspector